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<jxself>Hello - From I understand that you're in need of kernel help so I wanted to donate the configs that I use for my public repository on
<jxself> and
<jxself>Well tested because I've been maintaining this repository since September 2011.
<jxself>Oh yeah - They assume 100gnu+freedo.patch has been applied, to replace the standard picture of Tux with Freedo, the mascot of Linux-libre. One moment...
<jxself>Ta Da
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>alezost: bug closed :-)
<s23dddf>civodul: I'm still failing to make Guix's privoxy work. When I pass the config like so 'privoxy <config-location>', it silently exits, and nothing happens at all. Ideas?
<s23dddf>Note that echo $? returns 1. Where should I look for errors?
<s23dddf>find /usr/local/var -name '*privoxy*' doesn't return anything relevant either.
<civodul>hey, s23dddf
<s23dddf>civodul: I guess my config file is invalid
<civodul>s23dddf: it starts as a daemon by default
<civodul>so in the background
<s23dddf>it's not shown in the output of ps aux
<civodul>i run "privoxy --no-daemon"
<civodul>well, maybe there's also a config error
<s23dddf>--config-test returns 1, so it must be a config error.
<civodul>but first run it with --no-daemon
<civodul>if you run with --no-daemon you'll get an error message, hopefully
<s23dddf>Nope, --no-daemon doesn't print anything except the version.
<s23dddf>Changing the config didn't help either.
<civodul>i mean "privoxy --no-daemon /path/to/config"
<s23dddf>I did just that.
<s23dddf>Could you show the output of diff -Nru <orignal-privoxy-config> <modified-privoxy-config> on your machine?
<s23dddf>Okay, I finally fixed the config.
<civodul>-user-manual /gnu/store/21fjsdfgdsh6dcp7glwxgdrsjcs0i54i-privoxy-3.0.21/share/doc/privoxy/user-manual/
<civodul>+user-manual /home/ludo/.guix-profile/share/doc/privoxy/user-manual/
<civodul>-confdir /gnu/store/21fjsdfgdsh6dcp7glwxgdrsjcs0i54i-privoxy-3.0.21/etc/privoxy
<civodul>+confdir /home/ludo/.guix-profile/etc/privoxy
<civodul>-logdir /gnu/store/21fjsdfgdsh6dcp7glwxgdrsjcs0i54i-privoxy-3.0.21/var/log/privoxy
<civodul>+logdir /home/ludo/var/log/privoxy
<civodul>-# forward-socks5 / .
<civodul>+ forward-socks5 / .
<civodul>-# forward 192.168.*.*/ .
<civodul>-# forward 10.*.*.*/ .
<civodul>-# forward 127.*.*.*/ .
<civodul>+ forward 127.*.*.*/ .
<civodul>s23dddf: ^
<civodul>(sorry for the noise)
<s23dddf>It was necessary to uncomment all the forward rules, not just 'forward 127.*.*.*/ . and forward localhost/ .'
<civodul>probably not strictly necessary
<s23dddf>No, it's necessary. Otherwise, --config-test exits with 1.
<s23dddf>What's weird is that it doesn't seem to work without --no-daemon.
<jmd>civodul: Hey! in #perl you would have been banned for life for that!
<s23dddf>I can't see it in the output of ps aux.
<s23dddf>jmd: haha
<civodul>and with --no-daemon, does it work?
<alezost>civodul: after “git pull”, “./configure” and “make check” guix-register failed again:
<civodul>alezost: yes, but that's a different problem this time ;-)
<civodul>lemme see
<alezost>(before last commits guix-register passed but packages.scm failed)
<alezost>should i try to build from a clean tree maybe?
<civodul>there's this thread:
<civodul>does it pass after "make recheck"?
<civodul>i.e., is it a transient error?
<s23dddf>civodul: If I run 'privoxy --no-daemon .privoxy-config &', it stays in the background. But Tor doesn't seem to work (I start it like so: tor -f /usr/local/var/guix/.../tor/torrc.samle --runasdaemon 1) because 'wget -O - | grep -ri sorry' returns "Sorry. You are not using Tor." I'm not sure whether it's a privoxy or a Tor issue.
<civodul>you need to set $http_proxy as well
<alezost>civodul: after "make recheck" I got TOTAL: 1 PASS: 1
<civodul>alezost: ok, transient error then
<civodul>were you running tests with "make -jX?"
<s23dddf>civodul: mark uses http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, and https_proxy. all set to should I use all 3, too?
<civodul>i'd say only the lower-case ones
<civodul>but i do things differently
<s23dddf>what do you mean by that?
<s23dddf>re "differently"
<civodul>alezost: then i'm not sure why the sqlite db appeared to be busy; i don't think it's something to worry too much about though
<civodul>s23dddf: i have specific settings for emacs-w3m, conkeror, etc.
<civodul>i don't use the env. vars currently
<alezost>civodul: yes, now I understand, thank you
<s23dddf>civodul: Is that because you don't want to use Tor for all connections?
<civodul>that was the reason initially
<civodul>it would probably make sense to switch over now
<s23dddf>civodul: Awesome, it works now. Thanks.
<s23dddf>Now I have to learn how to use dmd, so I could mimic your configuration.
<civodul>yeah it's quite convenient
<s23dddf>But that's for another day. ttyl, civodul.