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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>npm is able to compile C++ packages
<civodul>but of course that doesn't work
<civodul>i tried "npm install canvas", and somehow, it fails to find cairo.h, despite there being cairo.pc et al.
<jmd>WTF is npm?
<civodul>Node's package manager
<civodul>JavaScript stuff
<jmd>ohh javascript
<civodul>i happen to do related things at work...
<Steap>poor you
<taylanub>I tried 'guix pull', it failed with "error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/<hash>-guix-latest.drv' failed". and now it doesn't seem to use ~/.guix-profile by default anymore, saying e.g. "error: directory `/var/guix/profiles/default' is not owned by you" if I use 'guix package -u', listing no packages for 'guix package -I'; these work if I provide '-p ~/.guix-profile'
<civodul>taylanub: for the first, try "guix build --log-file .../guix-latest.drv"
<civodul>for the 2nd, ~/.guix-profile has always been a symlink to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/$USER
<civodul>so that thing must be writable
<taylanub>currently I have a symlink '.guix-profile -> .guix-profile-1-link' that in turn being a symlink to /gnu/store/1saj5xb779jgaqc9rxjjy7l7wc0489w5-profile, weird.
<taylanub>I should mention I'm using guix on Debian, the daemon running as root
<civodul>weird, indeed
<civodul>normally, ~/.guix-profile points as i wrote
<civodul>if that's an option, could you try rm ~/.guix-profile* and then reinstall the packages?
<civodul>with "guix package -i ...", and without the -p option
<taylanub>will do
<taylanub>hilarious, I had installed guix via guix, so I can't run it now. :P I better just install it in my ~/usr and keep it there (previously I had removed that one after installing it with itself, maybe that was bad?)
<civodul>taylanub: hopefully you can still do /gnu/store/*guix-0.6/bin/guix ... no?
<taylanub>I could do that too, though I already have a compiled 0.6 somewhere that I can just 'make install', maybe that will do less headaches in the future?
<taylanub>not sure what the 'best' way of installing guix on another distro is
<civodul>i installed it by hand
<taylanub>I just ran it from /gnu/store... it created '.guix-profile -> /var/guix/profiles/default/guix-profile' and complains about permissions again
<taylanub>on running 'package -i ...' I mean
*taylanub retries after re-running guix-daemon from the same package, /gnu/store/pi871i9js44qhkjmkir0hv36s9r76bam-guix-0.6/
<taylanub>same :\\ wonder if I have some messed up env vars, those keep paining me. don't see anything obvious though
<bavier>I'm having problems downloading from, one of the mirrors used for gnome packages
<bavier>let me check some more...
*jmd had to sacrifice his /nix volume to replace his faulty /var :(
<taylanub>so guix tries to use /var/guix/profiles/default for my profile and I can't figure out why. the guix package i use for 'guix' and 'guix-daemon' is pi871i9js44qhkjmkir0hv36s9r76bam-guix-0.6, it seems to run on 725n5w5vcpd9ihzr27vn7c731hx2ky0j-guile-2.0.11. I can unset $GUIX_PROFILE or set it to ~/.guix-profile and it makes no difference. I made ~/.guix-profile a symlink to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/tub/guix-profile manually by the
<taylanub>way, makes no difference. I used 'guix package -I' earlier today or yesterday without issues (it used my profile) so I do think the breakage happened after 'guix pull'. any ideas? BTW here's the end of the logfile for the failed 'guix pull':
<jmd>In which package is the math library?
<DusXMT>I've installed guix (gNewSense 3.0, guix 0.6, guile 2.0.11), but no matter what command I use, it doesn't seem to do anything. The only time I can get any kind of response from it is with options like --help, --version, or if I use an invalid one
<DusXMT>Are there any extra steps I need to take to get it working than just make install and running the daemon?
<taylanub>DusXMT: it just quits with no output?
<DusXMT>No, it just sits there, no output, and ps reports no cpu usage. For example, if I type "guix package -s bash", it simply doesn't do anything and sits there
<DusXMT>Does it keep any logs I could take a look over?
<DusXMT>I think I found the problem: Something's wrong with my guile build, I'm running the test suite right now, and after passing over a dozen of tests, it got stuck...