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<jmd>How can I find out the package of a derivation?
<davexunit>so this made it to the frontpage of HN
<davexunit>people are apparently using Nix to create development sandboxes for their haskell projectz
<davexunit>I'm wondering how to do the same with Guix, for any language not just Haskell. it seems useful but I don't know how to translate the Nix stuff to Guix, or if its even possible right now.
<alirio>davexunit: they're using cabal (a package manager for Haskell packages) definitions, and converting it to nix, so you can just write the package definitions in Guix instead
<alirio>davexunit: and then they use nix-shell and nix-repl, AFAIK there's no substitutes in Guix ATM, so the best you can do is make a qemu image or fill a wish at bug-guix
<davexunit>alirio: thanks. I expected that nix-shell had no equivalent.
<civodul>Hello Guix!