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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>apt less secure than Guix? :-)
<civodul>hey davexunit
<civodul>thanks for notmuch & co.
<davexunit>civodul: yw. glad to have them in.
<davexunit>the test suite continues to confound me
<davexunit>maybe someday I or someone else will get it to work.
<davexunit>I also noticed an optional, non-deterministic part of the test suite that requires downloading some test databases from the web.
<civodul>well, if it's a fixed database, we could imagine downloading that specific db
<civodul>like we do for vlc, IIRC
<davexunit>oh we do something similar for vlc? I'll have to look at that sometime.
<davexunit>would we have to checksum it to make sure we're getting the same db every time?
<civodul>actually we don't do that: it was discussed for ffmpeg, but it seems we don't do it
<civodul>so yes, it would be an origin with its sha256 hash
<davexunit>ah, okay.
<davexunit>the more I know.
<jmd>When is there going to be a solution to the general problem with clashing output files?
<civodul>i'm sure the answer is "when someone fixes it"
<civodul>now, what do you mean by "clashing output files"?
<civodul>you mean when a profile contains several packages that provide, say, share/info/
<civodul>jmd: ↑
<jmd>Yes, for example.
<civodul>so the general answer is that this shouldn't happen, except in some particular cases
<jmd>I know it shouldn't!
<civodul>particular cases include share/info/dir, and GNOME resources things
<civodul>these should be handled specially
<civodul>did you have a particular example in mind?
<jmd>Perl Modules
<civodul>Perl modules?
*civodul never installs Perl modules ;-)
<civodul>do they have conflicting files?
<jmd>Well conflicting directory trees.
<jmd>One module will conflict with another.
<civodul>ooh, i see: lib/perl5/5.16.1/x86_64-linux/perllocal.pod
<jmd>For example, yes.
<civodul>i ran "guix package -p foo -i perl-file-list perl-file-listing perl-html-parser" and that's the only one that shows up
<civodul>what's the point of this file, BTW?
<jmd>Which one?
<civodul>damn, an allmodconfig kernel takes 358MiB