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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<phant0mas>hello civodul
<civodul>hello phant0mas!
<phant0mas>did you have any look on the patch? :-D
<civodul>not yet, but i haven't forgotten
<phant0mas>okay, I just wanted to know if it is on the right track
<civodul>we need more reviewers
<phant0mas>take your time
<jmd>How are users supposed to make configuration changes to packages they install?
<civodul>it depends, but usually packages can be configure via command-line flags, env. vars, dot files, etc.
<civodul>what package do you have in mind?
<jmd>Well to take a random example: fontconfig
<jmd>It installs .guix_profile/etc/fonts/conf.d/*
<jmd>But a user should not edit those files. Should he?
<civodul>a user cannot edit these files, because they're read-only
<jmd>So what should he do instead?
<civodul>to do what? :-)
<civodul>fontconfig automatically looks for fonts under ~/.guix-profile/share/fonts
<civodul>so if you install a font in your default profile, it's picked up
<jmd>What if he doesn't like the configuration and wants to modify it?
<civodul>i'm not familiar about fontconfig, so i don't know exactly what the configuration is
<civodul>but i suspect there's at least an env. var to tell what config to use, no?
<civodul>there was some discussion at FONTCONFIG
<jmd>fontconfig was just a random example. Let's try a different one...
<jmd>Do we have apache packaged?
<jmd>OK. tinyproxy.
<jmd>Suppose that a user has installed tinyproxy.
<civodul>Apache httpd, yes
<jmd>and that because he is behind a firewall or whatever reason, the configuration provided in /etc is not appropriate.
<jmd>How is he supposed to change the config ?
<civodul>my general answer above remains valid :-)
<civodul>that is, run tinyproxy --config-file=/foo/bar.conf
<civodul>or TINYPROXY_CONF=/foo/bar.conf tinyproxy
<civodul>then there may be specific cases where this doesn't work, but they're very very rare
<civodul>on NixOS, i don't remember encountering any such problem
<civodul>jmd: gotta go, but don't hesitate to email guix-devel if you find an issue!
<jmd>Ach!! He knew the questions were getting too hard!