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<davexunit>hello #guix
<davexunit>having trouble generating the guix VM image :(
<davexunit>Could not access KVM kernel module: No such file or directory
<grasshopprWhoppr>Oh, I get to try Guix on 64bit, now!
*davexunit needs to relog to get added to libvirt group and try again
<davexunit>found the problem: virtualization disabled in BIOS. d'oh!
<davexunit>gah, getting permission denied error when trying to create qemu image. lame.
<phant0mas>good morning guix
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<phant0mas>hello civodul
<phant0mas>having exams over here, tomorrow I am gonna update you with what I have done the past week
<phant0mas>and btw we don't actually need the flags "--disable-profile""--disable-multi-arch"
<phant0mas>at glibc/hurd
<phant0mas>but we still need "--disable-nscd"
<phant0mas>or else the build will fail
<civodul>howdy phant0mas!
<civodul>phant0mas: why does it fail?
<civodul>well, maybe it's better to answer on the ML ;-)
<davexunit>hello #guix
<davexunit>hi, civodul. I'm trying to generate the test VM image but having some trouble with KVM. I haven't found much documentation on the prerequisites for this to work.
<davexunit>I can boot a distro's live cd just fine, but guix throws a permissions error: Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied
<davexunit>I thought that adding the guix-builder users to the libvirt group would resolve it, but it didn't.
<civodul>hello davexunit
<civodul>davexunit: do you have /dev/kvm, and is it 666?
<civodul>that's a prerequisite
<civodul>then you need to load the proper kvm module, such as kvm-intel
<davexunit>a-ha, the permissions are wrong on /dev/kvm. 660
<civodul>ah, but maybe your distro expects users of KVM to be in the right group
<civodul>(which is not unreasonable)
<davexunit>Debian expects the libvirt group. I added my user account to that group, but adding the builder users to that group seems to do nothing.
<davexunit>changing permissions resolves the issue.
<davexunit>now once `./pre-inst-env guix system vm build-aux/hydra/demo-os.scm` completes, how do I boot the system?
<civodul>that command will return the name of a script, which you just have to run as-is
<civodul>the script basically invokes qemu with the right params
<davexunit>oh, I see. thanks.
<civodul>it's great that you're giving this a try :-)
<davexunit>wow, it booted!
<davexunit>what DE is this?
<davexunit>ah, window maker.
<davexunit>build failed: opening lock file `/gnu/store/...`: Permission denied
<davexunit>tried to guix package -i emacs
<civodul>yeah, right: 'guix system vm' returns an script that shares the store with the host
<civodul>and thus it's read-only
<civodul>so it's convenient to test system-wide things, but not for things that modify the store
<civodul>instead you can use 'guix system vm-image', which produces a standalone image
<civodul>so the image is much bigger, like 800MiB or so for demo-os.scm
<davexunit>okay, cool. thanks.
<civodul>so that's: guix system vm-image --image-size=800MiB demo-os.scm
<davexunit>I'll generate the image and see how that goes. about to head to work so I won't have time to test it.
<civodul>(or similar)
<davexunit>thanks for the help.
<davexunit>later I want to try tweaking the OS configuration. :)
<civodul>yeah, i find it pretty amusing :-)
<davexunit>image works! gtg now. bye! thanks.