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<jmd>I want to install version 2.22 of binutils. Is that possible?
<davexunit>hello #guix
<davexunit>does anyone know how guix handles creating symlinks for a package in /gnu/store in a user's profile?
<davexunit>I have a package with a custom install phase and though the installation happens corectly in /gnu/store, the user profile never has what I expect it to.
<Steap>davexunit: there is a "symlink" command you may find interesting
<davexunit>but is that really something I need to do manually? the regular install phase just calls out to "make install"
<davexunit>instead, I do a mkdir and copy-file.
<Steap>difficult to know without knowing exactly what your issue is, I gues
<Steap>what seems to be missing in ~/.guix-profile ?
<davexunit>well, now that I'm looking at this more, I think the issue is elsewhere :)
<davexunit>I haven't run guix on this machine in awhile.
<davexunit>so I think I have /nix/store still! oops!
<Steap>oh yes
<Steap>you can either rebuild everything
<Steap>or there's a switch to pass to configure that will allow you to keep using /nix/store
<davexunit>I have a /gnu/store, too. I just need to ditch my profile and make a new one that uess /gnu/store
<Steap>I see
<davexunit>I didn't realize I was *that* far behind on this machine.
<Steap>how many machines do you run Guix on?
<davexunit>2, but I haven't used guix on either in awhile.
<davexunit>I only run in the pre-inst-env, though.
<davexunit>do I have to switch something on for guix to download substitutes from hydra?
<davexunit>I have a feeling that this problem has something to with with the /nix/store thing from earlier
<davexunit>still can't my system to use substitutes :(
<klrr_>is there any FAQ or something about te benefit of Scheme vs Nix as language for packages?
<jmd`>klrr_: I doubt it.
<klrr_>so, what is the benefit of using Scheme instead of Nix?
<jmd`>Such a FAQ would likely degenerate into a religious war.
<jmd`>I'm not familiar with Nix. That is the benefit I see.
<jmd`>You don't have to learn a special purpose language to package Guix