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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>nice initiative:
<alirio>civodul: about the module.h, seems like debian just copies include/ from tarball
<civodul>hey alirio
<civodul>ah, interesting
<civodul>i looked at the Kbuild files and it's not listed among the things to be installed
<civodul>so i suspected something like that
<civodul>alirio`: any idea on how to build a one-size-fits-all kernel?
<civodul>"allmodconfig" doesn't seem to work well, though i forgot the details
<alirio`>civodul: we can copy configuration from debian...
<civodul>i'd rather have an automated mechanism
<civodul>Nixpkgs uses a script that talks to 'make config'
<alirio`>"allmodconfig" can fail by not having modules to open the filesystem to get modules, you can try "allyesconfig"
<civodul>but that would make a very big kernel
<alirio`>what file from Nixpkgs you talked?
<civodul>(warning: it's Perl)
<alirio`>I'm not sure if "make config" behaviour is reliable for next kernel releases, while "make oldconfig" is made just for old .config's
<alirio`>"localyesconfig" should make a working kernel and you can overwrite "allmodconfig" options appendding its options
<alirio`>and runnig "oldconfig"
<alirio`>or instead of "localyesconfig", copying $KERNEL_CONFIG for nixpkgs
<alirio`>but the script main purpose seem because they don't know the override trick
<civodul>alirio`: yes, possibly
<alirio`>note before concatenating two .config's, using "grep -v 'is not set'" in the smaller is needed, otherwise it would be useless