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<jmd`>There seems to be no https download method :(
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<caolanm>what's the state of ARM support in guix? I see nixOS have experimental support for it now
<civodul>caolanm: nothing has been done yet
<civodul>some of us discussed it, but that's about it
<civodul>so you're very welcome to help, if that is your think :-)
<caolanm>civodul: ah, thanks
<caolanm>I'd quite like a raspberry pi image for the distro you've put together anyway ;)
<civodul>the relevant doc is at
<caolanm>I found this
<civodul>oh, and
<caolanm>so, beyond adding a scheme layer for package definitions does guix have any major (direction) differences with nix?
<caolanm>oh nice, you included a scheme init system too :D
<civodul>yes, and a Scheme initrd :-)
<civodul>it's about building the GNU system, that is, a system that respects user freedom
<civodul>and we try to make that consistent overall
<civodul>Scheme is one part of that
<civodul>and the idea is that it should make the system more hackable in practice
<caolanm>sure, it seems like a very sensible choice for gnu
<caolanm>since each user could manage their own packages
<caolanm>ok, I need to get some sleep now. thanks for the intro to guix civodul
<civodul>you're welcome
<caolanm>I'll take a look at ARM, but I don't have high hopes ;)
<civodul>not the easiest way to get started