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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<phant0mas>good morning guix
<jmd`>using trivial-build-system how do I run (say) make?
<civodul>jmd`: (system* "/path/to/make")
<civodul>but beware, it's "trivial":
<jmd`>right. Thanks.
<phant0mas> /msg NickServ identify qWerty125@
<phant0mas>gotta change pass now
<Steap>the worst thing is that it makes sense.
<jmd`>phant0mas: I have done that a couple of times.
<jmd`>What filestructure is there when running make check?
<taylanub>jmd`: WDYM "filestructure"?
<jmd`>What directories?
<taylanub>jmd`: you mean when Guix is building a package? (info "(guix) Build Environment Setup")
<taylanub>that plus the inputs I guess
<jmd`>taylanub: That info node doesn't exist
<jmd`>The closest is "build environment"
<taylanub>it's 2.2.1 of the Guix manual here. maybe it changed since 0.6?
<jmd`>(and that, oddly described dunning the guix daemon)
<taylanub>yeah, it's actually about the setting up the Guix daemon, yet also explains the standard build environment
<taylanub>I also had difficulties finding it a moment ago, just digged through the manual because I knew I had seen it
<jmd`>There needs to be a slightly more comprehensive filestructure.
<jmd`>Some packages have tests which need one.
<civodul>jmd`: "make check" runs from the top-level build directory
<civodul>and the build environment sees all the store stuff corresponding to the inputs and implicit inputs
<jmd>In the build environment, what access is there to /proc ?
<jmd>(if any)
<taylanub>jmd: the manual says "it only shows the container’s processes since a separate PID name space is used", is that not enough? do you need write access (assuming you don't have it, I don't know)?
<jmd>No. But I need read access.
<taylanub>I'd expect it to allow that.
<jmd>It seems that "cat /proc/1/cmdline" gets nothing.
<jmd>although one can see the file.