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<civodul>anyone knows of a command-line bittorrent client?
<bavier>I think transmission has a cli
<davexunit>yeah, or rtorrent.
<civodul>oki, thanks
<bavier>did everyone else see zooko's request the other day for help porting guix to the novena platform?
<davexunit>whoa, that happened?
<davexunit>I pre-ordered the novena and am very interested in that.
<bavier>davexunit: yes, just a few short messages, I only saw it because I left my irc client open overnight
<bavier>should be in the logs
<davexunit>whoa, you'd get a free novena to do the work
<davexunit>I have no track record for what is required, but if someone does that is a great opportunity
<davexunit>zooko should mail the list about this
<bavier>for sure
<bavier>I unfortunately don't have a track record either
<civodul>bavier: i "talked" to zooko on IRC yesterday but he was away, not sure if he's seen my message
<civodul>but yes, that sounds like a great thing to do
<davexunit>I would love to have guix on my novena when I get it in ~7 months.
<davexunit>I'm very excited that the graphics drivers will be liberated.
<davexunit>I don't know precisely how many blobs the novena requires to run, but I think it's a very low number, approaching 0.
<civodul>hopefully the goal is to make it zero
<jmd>Is there a procedure like substitute* which can accept multiple file names?
<bavier>jmd: you can give substitute* a list of file names
<bavier>could we have gnu-build-system always scrub /usr/bin/file from configure scripts?
<bavier>libtool uses it in its autoconf macros
<civodul>well, we could
<civodul>but in practice it's harmless
<civodul>i've been meaning to send a patch to autoconf for years, but never did
<civodul>maybe you should do it? :-)
<civodul>i have an announcement: we'll be downloading faster!
<civodul>see for the terrible details
<civodul>damn, this is terrible
<civodul>i would have blamed the Ethernet cable or something
<Denommus>is Guix usable as a generic package manager for development projects?
<taylanub>Denommus: WDYM with "development project"?
<Denommus>taylanub: oh, hai
<Denommus>taylanub: I mean a sandboxed project
<Denommus>taylanub: like npm allows me to do with JavaScript, but working with any language
*taylanub looks into npm
<Denommus>taylanub: bundler also works like this, if you're more familiar with it
<Denommus>taylanub: and the newer cabal versions, too
<taylanub>perhaps you mean to ask whether guix can be installed by a non-root user to do local package management?
<Denommus>taylanub: not per-user package management
<Denommus>taylanub: per project
<Denommus>taylanub: but it seems it can, since I can specify the dependency for my project and it won't conflict with other versions of the same package
<Denommus>taylanub: have I understood it right?
<taylanub>different users on a system running guix (globally) can command guix to install different versions of the same package and have only the requested version enabled for them
<Denommus>taylanub: what about a single user having a project that needs foo 1.2, but another project that needs foo 2.0?
<taylanub>on an abstract level it's obviously the same thing; in practice I don't know what it would take to use it like that
<Denommus>taylanub: maybe I could ask from nix people? Would guix behave similarly?
<taylanub>probably a user can generate as many "profiles" as they want, so you could use either a global (installed by root) or a local (self-installed) guix to manage a set of profiles for your projects
<Denommus>taylanub: that seems very close to what I need
<taylanub>yeah, I imagine it should already be possible, or trivial to enable, that users have not just ~/.guix-profile but also ~/.guix-profile2 or ~/what/ever/some/profile or in your case ~/projects/foo/.guix-profile or so