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<zooko>Greetings, people of #guix!
<zooko>Is there a way to submit a "Request For Packaging" for some software that I want to see in guix? I'm the upstream maintainer of said software.
<zooko>Okay, next question: is there anybody here who has a track record of good low-level hacking and who wants a dev board of the forthcoming Novena box in order to port guix to it?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>Fulax: i see on #nixos that systemd has an NTP client now
<civodul>you need to help dmd gain that as well ;-)
<Fulax>civodul: hm, do you want to see dmd as a drop-in replacement for systemd?
<davexunit>systemd is apparently assimilating everything into itself
<civodul>i don't like that phrase ;-)
<civodul>i think it'd be nice to have more systems and networking software available from Guile
<civodul>so you don't always have to use 'system' and wait for an exit code
<Fulax>I haven't spent much time about networking support in dmd... I'm a bit busy as I'd like to finish writting my thesis by the end of June
<civodul>yeah, i can understand :-)
<phant0mas>guys, building guix from master, fails in 2 boxes I have, with undefined referrences
<civodul>phant0mas: the command reads "-L -lgcrypt "
<civodul>whereas it should be -Lsomething -lgcrypt
<civodul>ooh, wait
<civodul>can you grep ^LIBGCRYPT_LIBS config.log?
<civodul>phant0mas: gotta go, but please post details somewhere
<phant0mas>I will send them to the list
<taylanub>hrm, where are sources stored when I build a package myself?
<jmd>taylanub: In the store, I presume.
<taylanub>there's a .tar.xz, but no directory, and I guess it all gets cleaned up on gc anyway, hrm.. my problem is with C-h f in Emacs; normally one can jump to C sources with it.
<jmd>taylanub: I think it gets munged.
<jmd>You can only regard it as a blob.
<civodul>zerwas: do you want me to try a new version of the GNUnet patch?
<zerwas>civodul: didn't get to fixing it yet, sorry. I'll get back to you when I have a working patch
<civodul>grr, this was the monthly (?) Emacs crash