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<zacts>I think I know of a way for guix to support NuBSD-Fire (and thus FreeBSD) if it doesn't rely too much on kernel specific features.
<zacts>it would probably involve a gnu userland + jails
<phant0mas>good morning guix
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>we're close to having the ability to eat more of our own dog food, yay!
<phant0mas>civodul: I am preparing the glibc/hurd patches and I am gonna send them in the next 2 days for review
<phant0mas>everything builds fine, some small issues in the install phase while it's generating the manuals but nothing to worry about
<civodul>great, i'll see that
<civodul>i saw the emails with youpi, and didn't fully understand the problem
<civodul>though i understood that the state of affairs is indeed pretty bad on the Hurd side ;-)
<phant0mas>let's just say they were using an rpc call that didn't exist anywhere :P
<phant0mas>I was grep-searching everywhere and couldn't find a thing
<phant0mas>I just commented it out and hoped nothing will explode
<zacts>civodul: hey does guix rely on specific kernel features, or does it only rely on a gnu userland?
<taylanub>zacts: I don't know the real answer but I'm fairly sure that Guix intends to eventually run on the Hurd as well, if it doesn't already. And there's no systemd, so... I can't imagine the core Nix daemon relying on Linux either, maybe Glibc.
<taylanub>anyone feel free to correct me