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<civodul>hello gnunet_bot!
<civodul>you seem to be experiencing networking issues my dear
*Steap thinks we've lost civodul
<civodul>it's going counter that goal here
<Steap>Firefox to stay true to Free Software and have around 0.00001 market share, thus making Free browsers not used by the common folks
<Steap>or Firefox saying "well, we're fucked" but allowing you to not use the DRM-stuff
<civodul>well i view it differently
<civodul>i thought it was more, but agrees with you
<Steap>It's quite easy for the FSF to look down upon Mozilla on this one
<Steap>But I guess that as usual, the FSF describes the world as it should be, and others try to make it happen
<civodul>indeed, the FSF is fighting a fight for user freedom
<civodul>not for market share
<civodul>howdy hsyl20 ;-)
<Steap>does the FSF plan to go live on a deserted island and have the Internet repalced by a LAN connecting their MIPS-based laptops ?
<Steap>Or haven't they given up on the real world yet ?
<civodul>don't be tongue-in-cheek, that's no helpful ;-)
<civodul>the FSF's machine run only free software, for instance
<civodul>and they're in the "real world"
<Steap>It amazes me that they can't see that the average Joe is not aware/does not care about Freedom/privacy etc.
<Steap>and that we have to use other strategies to get people to use Free Software
<Steap>hey, I used Firefox and VLC before knowing about Free Software
<Steap>because "hell yeah, those are much better than IE and the Windows Media Player"
<hsyl20>civodul: hey!
<jmd>Steap: I think the FSF is well aware of that. That is why the FSF exists.
<civodul>and other organizations like FSF Europe, April, etc. etc.
<civodul>but yeah, that's difficult
<antono>hello, all
<antono>if anyone interested in guix package for debian:
<antono>it provides init.d service
<antono>creates needed users and groups
<civodul>antono: ooh cool, thanks!
<civodul>perhaps you should send a note to the list?
<antono>it only not reflects recent change to /gnu namespace
<antono>i'll change it soon
<civodul>ah, ok
<antono>probably yes
<antono>can we create debian repository for guix on ?
<antono>it should not be hard
<antono>i mean its not hard to create repository tree
<civodul>i think it wouldn't be appropriate, plus i wouldn't even know how to host it
<civodul>oh you mean a repo for the package's source?
<civodul>like debian/rules etc.?
<antono>no, i mean something pluggable to debian's /etc/sources.list
<civodul>ah, that i wouldn't know how to do
<antono>to make guix apt-get installable
<antono>i'll try to make repository on
<civodul>maybe you could ITP the thing?
<antono>they will not permit /gnu or /nix in the root
<civodul>maybe they'd refuse due to FHS violations, i guess
<antono>i taked about this in irc one year ago
<antono>and heard strict no
<antono>it will be hard even with store moved to /var/ namespace
<civodul>i see
<civodul>you could also provide a home-built .deb; that's easier than providing a real repo, i guess
<antono>yep. i have one
<antono>i'll publish it soon
<antono>it would be nice to have enable/disable actions for guix in hybrid environments
<antono>scenario when i want to use ls from coreutils provided by my instead of coreutils from guix
<antono>but probably it should be outside of guix
<antono>just PATH managment helper
<civodul>yeah, i'd say it's up to you to define PATH the way you want it
<civodul>i don't know how we could help with it
<civodul>for the other env. vars there's "guix package --search-paths", which helps a bit, i think