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<Fare>does guix have plenty of magic filesystems like nixos?
<civodul>hi Fare
<civodul>not sure what you mean
<civodul>Guix is not yet usable as a stand-alone distro
<Fare>if I type mount on nixos, it has plenty of ad-hoc filesystems
<Fare>such as making /nix/store readonly
<civodul>oh, that must be new stuff
<civodul>well i have an old NixOS and /nix/store isn't special
<Fare>fsvo "new"
<civodul>yup :-)
<Fare>they also reset all dates to Epoch+1
<Fare>and things like that
<civodul>ah yes
<civodul>that's "normal"
<civodul>that's because we want builds to be "pure"
<civodul>so the build result shouldn't be influenced by anything, and not by system time in particular
<viric>many similarities between guix and nix. suspicious.
<Fare>and have a magic /run/keys and /var/setuid-wrappers and then /run/user/1000/
<civodul>looks like this has changed somewhat lately
<civodul>viric: what is that?
<civodul>well setuid-wrappers, ok
<Fare>don't ask me what it all is. Plenty of other things under /sys, too
<civodul>for /sys it's nothing special i think
<civodul>it's just that systemd wants many of them, i suppose
<viric>I've no idea
<civodul>like cgroupfs and such
<viric>I understood things only in the pre-systemd times
<civodul>ahah, fun :-)
<Fare>yup plenty of cgroup things
<viric>aren't you watching Englishvision or what?
<civodul>heh, no way
<civodul>gtg, good night/day!
<viric>the french still get a translation (3 seconds lag after the joy)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>ERC rocks
*taylanub <3 Circe
<dsdfsd>civodul: I'm chasing the failures mentioned in the "prefetch" thread.
<dsdfsd>'git show c0412fedf | patch -p1 -R' fixes some of the tests. Would you like to see the logs?
<civodul>too late...
<sepi>Hi! Why would I want guix over nixos?
<sepi>And does anyone plan on replacing nix by schemen code?
<civodul>sepi: yes, Guix uses Scheme instead of the Nix language
<civodul>mostly because it gives access to all the tools of the host language: compiler, debugger, libraries, etc.
<civodul>another difference is that Guix values user freedom: the distro provides only free software
<civodul>that being said, Guix is in early development stages compared to NixOS
<civodul>well, fsvo "early" ;-)
<sepi>I'm both interested in scheme and fed up by deprecated broken statefull package management and would like to have a maintainance-free music production workstation installation
<sepi>btw, how can I set the keyboard layout in the guix 0.6 vm?
<sepi>I tried to install emacs on the VM but now my disk seems to be full and I get "df: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory"
<civodul>sepi: ah yes, the VM was short on disk, i think :-/
<civodul>and the df error is because of a missing /etc/mtab file
<civodul>things are improving though ;-)
<civodul>to set the keyboard layout, you could use setxkbmap, but it's not pre-installed
<sepi>civodul: ah, I just wanted to shut the system down in order to try to increase the vms size but don't know how to
<civodul>that may be possible with qemu-img, and then, after booting into it, resizing the partition with Parted or similar
<civodul>haven't trie
<sepi>civodul: is there an alternative to df?
<sepi>and does gnu dmd not need /etc/fstab?
<civodul>sepi: you could do "cp /proc/mounts /etc/mtab"
<civodul>or ln -s, even
<civodul>dmd doesn't need fstab, no
<sepi>so dmd is central in the design of the guix distribution or might it change?
<civodul>it's fairly central, but it's not too hard (yet) to move to another system
<civodul>ATM i think it's a good option
<civodul>i mean, dmd is a good option
<sepi>It seems to be a pretty critical part so thats why I'm asking
<civodul>we're gaining more and more confidence about it as we build the real distro
<civodul>it's working out pretty well, and it's easily integrated with the rest
<civodul>so that's cool
<sepi>And would you later be able to move to hurd?
<civodul>yes, but that's a longer term goal
<civodul>phant0mas is actually working on porting the distro to GNU/Hurd
<civodul>well, the packages and tools
<sepi>oh, interesting
<civodul>(that should have been a GSoC, but i failed that...)
<sepi>civodul: how can I become root on the VM?
<civodul>in the 0.6 VM you have to go to tty1 or such
<civodul>now we have sudo & co, which is more convenient, needless to say ;-)
<sepi>civodul: how do I get to tty1 in qemu? It seems that my system grabs ctrl-alt-f1
<phant0mas>We will have guix on hurd eventually :-)
<phant0mas>I am working on some undefined references and I will send the glibc package soon
<phant0mas>sepi: ^
<phant0mas>I am just having a lot of work at my university, that's why I slowed down a bit
<sepi>civodul: sorry, I found out ow already
<zacts>phant0mas: I know what that's like re: the university slowing down projects.