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<civodul>Hello Guix!
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<Phrohdoh>Hi all. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask so I'll ask anyway. Is there any GNU ("free") tool suite that can directly compete with Adobe Illustrator?
<Steap>I'm afraid most GNU people have no idea of what that is :)
<Fulax>directly compete, I'm not sure. We have inkscape for creating scalable vectorial graphics (SVG)
<Fulax>it is not a GNU tool, but a libre/free one
<Phrohdoh>Oh alright. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics application. And yeah I've toyed with Inkscape and find it unusable unfortunately. :/
<taylanub>AFAIK Inkscape is professional-tier software, are you sure you didn't feel like that simply because you're used to the UI of Illustrator ?
<Phrohdoh>That could be the main reason actually. Ai is so easy for me to navigate and take advantage of (going on 5 years of usage soon).
<Phrohdoh>Thanks I'll check that link out
<Phrohdoh>Sorry to derail to Inkscape but is it possible to define custom hotkeys?
<taylanub>Phrohdoh: There's #inkscape :)
<Phrohdoh>even better, thanks
<Fulax>is there a guix/dmd commit mailing-list?
<Fulax>nevermind, I thought I already searched for it before, I found it
<civodul>but dmd commits don't show up there
<civodul>i should ask for it
<schjetne>Any Trisquel users here? I'm helping a friend set up Guix on his Trisquel box
<mark_weaver>any debian-derivative should be similar. has he run into a problem?
<schjetne>Bootstrapping fails at error: possibly undefined macro: PKG_CHECK_MODULES
<mark_weaver>install the 'pkg-config' package and rerun "autoreconf -vfi" (the last command run by bootstrap).
<schjetne>mark_weaver: now it says I need Automake 1.12 but have 1.11.3
<mark_weaver>wget && sudo dpkg -i automake_1.14.1-3_all.deb
<mark_weaver>fortunately, automake is very well isolated from other packages. no binaries, just text files, and no dependencies.
<mark_weaver>(well, essentially none)
<schjetne>Ah, thanks. I'm not too savvy with the dpkg based ones
<schjetne>Can't wait until Guix reaches 1.0
<mark_weaver>fwiw, this would be easier if you started with the tarball. building from git requires more dependencies.
<mark_weaver>(although if you want to work on git or add your own packages, you'll need to build from git at some point)
<mark_weaver>s/work on git/contribute to guix/
<schjetne>Yeah, I guess the git one isn't really needed here
<schjetne>I just went straight there because that's what I have on my own box
<mark_weaver>that's fine, just pointing out that some of the difficulties here are because of building from git.
<schjetne>I tried to package Gforth on my own computer, didn't quite work
<schjetne>I added libtool as an input, but the configure script for Gforth doesn't see it
<mark_weaver>you need the libtool "bin" output
<mark_weaver>in the 'native-inputs', add an entry ("libtool" ,libtool "bin")
<mark_weaver>see 'libwebsockets' in gnu/packages/web.scm for an example
<mark_weaver>(I'm assuming that 'native-input' is appropriate here, but I'm not sure. is libtool to be run on the system that builds gforth, or the system that runs gforth?
<schjetne>mark_weaver: it's a runtime dependency
<dsddsd>schjetne: I use Guix on Trisquel. As Mark said, installing Guix on top of it shouldn't be hard.
<schjetne>It's input for runtime and native-input for buildtime, correct?
<mark_weaver>schjetne: right
<schjetne>dsddsd: It's installed, just doing the finishing touches
<dsddsd>schjetne: But instead of downloading automake over http and running 'sudo dpkg', I strongly recommend to use a GNU mirror and check the signature.
<mark_weaver>(only important when cross-building)
<schjetne>dsddsd: I went with the release tarball this time, I do the development on Parabola
<dsddsd>schjetne: That's a separate point. I'm trying to warn you that you must always check the signature before installing a package. Otherwise, you may get a backdoored version. Of course, there are other ways to get a malicious version, but it doesn't mean that you have to give up completely.
<schjetne>dsddsd: no, it was good advice, as was installing from the tarball, since this user is probably only going to use it to build already packaged programs
<schjetne>What's the recommended practice, calling it gforth or just forth?
<mark_weaver>schjetne: if you install guix from tarball, then you can use it to install a new version of automake and then use that automake to build guix from git.
<mark_weaver>*grump*, gcc-4.9.0 fails to build on MIPS