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<zacts>lo guix
***ph4nt0mas is now known as phant0mas
<phant0mas>my project was not accepted for the gsoc
<phant0mas>it does not matter I will still finish it :-)
<Steap>phant0mas: oh sucks :/
<phant0mas>Steap: it seems civodul didn't send the info needed to the gnu gsoc list...
<phant0mas>it really sucks...:(
<Steap>sos you're basically missing on $3000, right ?
<phant0mas>I am not sure I understand your question...
<phant0mas>if I were accepted I would be able to work on the project full time and not having to do another work to get by :/
<phant0mas>Steap:so yeah, I guess I will wait for civodul to come back from his vacations to ask him
<Steap>phant0mas: I think the GSoC would have made you earn ~3000$
<phant0mas>then yes :-/
<phant0mas>Steap: civodul will be back on 23, right?
<Steap>phant0mas: iirc, yes
<phant0m4s>Steap: he doesn't answer his emails either :/
<Steap>phant0m4s: no, that's the definition of "holidays" :)
<phant0m4s>I tend to forget what holidays are :P