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<guix>How to build gnu-system-demo image?
<zacts>lo #guix
<zacts>will guix work in embedded arm based systems, such as the beagle bone black?
<mark_weaver>I expect it would be fairly straightforward to port to ARM, and I'll do it at some point if no one beats me to it, but currently we don't yet have bootstrap binaries for ARM.
<mark_weaver>but see the "Porting" section of the manual. I did it for MIPS, and found the process refreshingly automated.
<zacts>but I mean storage, memory, and cpu requirements will be met?
<zacts>oh nice
<zacts>MIPS is cool
<mark_weaver>I use a YeeLoong as my primary machine, and am using 100% Guix binaries within my X session, though I still need an X server and some things needed during boot time from elsewhere.
<mark_weaver>regarding storage requirements, you can always attach a USB hard disk.
<mark_weaver>regarding cpu requirements, there's no issue there except perhaps one's patience.
<mark_weaver>regarding memory requirements, that's a good question. I suspect that 512 MB is enough to build most things comfortably, but a few of the builds might result in a lot of swapping.
<mark_weaver>however, if you rely on binary substitutes built on other machines, then none of these are really issues, and it should work fine.
<mark_weaver>so to really enable ARM, we should add one or two fast ARM machines to the build farm.
<mark_weaver>the Novena would probably do the job nicely.
<zacts>I'm just so eager to start on guix, it sounds like a cool project that I want to work on, and it utilizes (scheme).
<ivanshmakov>mark_weaver: And what about using qemu-arm?
<mark_weaver>sure, that could work too I guess
<ph4nt0mas>good morning guix
<ph4nt0mas>mark_weaver: Is it possible to make a snippet that downloads an addon and copies it in a folder in the source?
<taylanub>ph4nt0mas: Re. your question from 4 hours ago, wouldn't that just be a patch, too ?
<taylanub>5 hours*
<ph4nt0mas>taylanub: I am not sure I understand your question, what do you mean?
<taylanub>ph4nt0mas: About your question "Is it possible to make a snippet that downloads an addon and copies it in a folder in the source?", was that about package recipes ?
<ph4nt0mas>let's say we want to download a addon to source before patching it
<ph4nt0mas>right now I have the source of the addon as an input
<taylanub>package recipes can specify patches, but I don't know if it's supported to specify the patches so that they're download during the build process, or if they must be part of the recipe somehow
<ph4nt0mas>and I am copying the source of the addon into the main source , and I patching that addon in a phase
<ph4nt0mas>I am*
<ph4nt0mas>the thing is that if I want to patch everything together I need to download and have everything in the same folder before that happens