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<taylanub>ah, I gave the guix-profile pathes all lowest priority, I guess they must appear first (I export *PATH variables with various entries from my ~/.profile so I don't have to set them here and there, maybe I shouldn't do that)
<phant0mas>good morning guix
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<taylanub>humm, why does Bash 4.3 in Guix not have the "complete" command, or for example "help" ?
<taylanub>weird, bash somehow disappeared from my profile, maybe because I did garbage-collection, and now I installed it explicitly and it works fine
<taylanub>I'm missing the libtool and libtoolize binaries even though I have the libtool package...
<bavier>taylanub: the libtool binaries are part of the "bin" output of the libtool package, so you need to make sure to install that output as well
<mark_weaver>taylanub: as bavier suggested, you need to "guix package -i libtool:bin"
<mark_weaver>taylanub: btw, regarding 'bash', you must make sure that you get the 'bash' from the bash package, not the one from the 'glibc' or 'gcc-toolchain' packages. currently, you do this by making sure that you install 'bash' after you installed the other two, which can be arranged by either putting 'bash' after the other two in a single "guix package -i" command, or installing 'bash' in a later "guix package -i" command.
<mark_weaver>obviously this is suboptimal, and there's an item on my TODO list about it.
<tadni>Houston, we have video-players! Next to wpa_supplicant, I think just about everything I "need" to run guix on actual hardware is covered! :^)
*tadni will be back later.