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<tadni_>I'm assuming guile-wm will be the eventual default, though? :^P
<phant0mas>civodul: I think installing the headers will be much simpler
<civodul>tadni_: could be, sure :-)
<civodul>but currently it insists on having the user write their own config file
<civodul>and just aborts otherwise
<civodul>phant0mas: installing the libc headers so libihash can be built?
<tadni_>civodul: Yeah, it should install the wm-init-sample.scm (or whatever it's called) to somewhere on the system and it defaults to there, if no init could be found in the given home directory. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to implement, seeing that you can already point guile-wm where your init file is -- but alas, further than my very limited abilites span.
<civodul>yeah, definitely doabl
<tadni_>I'm a bit worried that guile-wm hasn't been touched about 2 months though... though maybe that's how mwitmer works. :^P
<civodul>i had a couple of bug reports that i've been too lazy to report
<civodul>which is Bad
<tadni_>civodul: I'm confident it'll come together. I'm very excited about guile's future -- so-much so, it's been the big push that's got me back into compsci again after a long break, from anything of the sort.
<phant0mas>civodul: installing the libpthread headers so glibc can be built
<taylanub>Does guix have anything particular for network management yet ? I just switched from OpenBSD to Debian and the network configuration made me rage.
<tadni_>taylanub: DMD, I know, tries to start a connection with eth0 automatically -- but beyond that, I don't think so.
<taylanub>Apparently on Debian one is supposed to use /etc/network/interfaces, but I find the man-page very ugly and ended up just launching my own script from /etc/rc.local which manually starts wpa_supplicant and such .. whatever we do for Guile we better keep it sane and *well-documented* :P
<taylanub>er, for Guix
<tadni_>taylanub: Have you checked Debian's wiki yet? But yeah, it'll be interesting to see guix/dmd's solution to this.
<taylanub>heh, that whole page doesn't even mention wifi .. or am I blind ?
<tadni_>taylanub: It's a different page, actually.
<tadni_>I haven't used Debian for awhile, but it's pretty well documented -- from what I remember.
<taylanub>interfaces(5) redirects to wireless(7) for wifi, wireless(7) contains very little information (has some SuSE related information for reasons I can't explain), not telling how I can set up WPA2 authentication; the `see also' section links to iwconfig(8) and others, none of which tell how to set up WPA2 either. If I didn't already know of wpa_supplicant, it seems like I would have no way to even find out about it, and
<taylanub>don't know how to set it up in a declarative fashion (instead of launching it from rc.local with a configuration file I put somewhere)
<taylanub>anyway, not the right channel, sorry for venting :) also past bedtime for me
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<taylanub>When trying to build 0.6 I get "make: *** No rule to make target `nix/libstore/schema.sql', needed by `nix/libstore/schema.sql.hh'. Stop." at some point during make. Any ideas ? I get it with git HEAD too by the way.
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<phant0mas>hello civodul
<phant0mas>I created a glibc-headers patch
<phant0mas>I am testing it now
<civodul>phant0mas: good, i can look at it if you want
<phant0mas>of cource, just give me a sec to clean some things
<phant0mas>and I will send it to the list
<civodul>no worries, take your time :-)
<civodul>anyone knows why libfuse execs mount(8)?
<civodul>it seems a bit odd to do that when it could just use the syscall
<taylanub>(BTW my question from 2:30 hours back was answered by reading the HACKING file.)
<taylanub>Maybe the README could point there...
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<civodul>taylanub: what was your question 2:30 hours back? :-)
<taylanub>Oh, "When trying to build 0.6 I get "make: *** No rule to make target `nix/libstore/schema.sql', needed by `nix/libstore/schema.sql.hh'. Stop." at some point during make." Needed to use ./bootstrap
<civodul>taylanub: when building from the tarball?
<taylanub>oh, I should have mentioned, when checking out 0.6 in a git clone
<taylanub>the tag "v0.6" that is
<civodul>ah, ok
<civodul>then yes, ./bootstrap is needed
<phant0mas>civodul: I am sending the patch so you can test it