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<phant0mas>now it needs errno.h from glibc
<phant0mas>I will create a minimal errno.h file for libihash so it can be built for now
<civodul>i wonder how i didn't hit that back in the day
*civodul tries "guix build emacs --with-source="
<phant0mas>good morning guix
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<phant0mas>civodul: there is absolutely no way anybody can build any of the hurd libraries without having glibc, it depends heavily on the header files from it
<phant0mas>lowlevellock.h for example
<civodul>but that did work back in the day
<civodul>i wonder how
<phant0mas>everybody that tries to build a gnu/hurd system builds and intermediate glibc , uses that for building libihash, and then rebuilds glibc with libthread with it
<civodul>doesn't the initial gcc provide some errno.h?
<civodul>you mean a libc without the libpthread add-on?
<civodul>aah ok, makes sense
<phant0mas>the thing is glibc depends so much on libpthread that it's a total mess
<civodul>well it can be built without libpthread, can't it?
<phant0mas>I will make it happen
<phant0mas>it needs many header files from libpthread
<civodul>hmm really?
<civodul>it's an add-on, so it's supposed to be optional
<civodul>(from a build system perspective)
<phant0mas>actually if you try right now to build glibc without libpthread it won't
<phant0mas>let me try it and show you the message
<phant0mas>one sec
<phant0mas>first :
<phant0mas>../include/pthread.h:1:26: fatal error: pthread.h: No such file or directory
<phant0mas>so it needs the libpthread headers
<phant0mas>so now let me add them inside and try again
<civodul>can you raise the issue on bug-hurd?
<civodul>it looks that things broke
<phant0mas>of course, one sec
<civodul>phant0mas: make sure to provide a clear summary of the problems
<civodul>we must find a way to allow things to be bootstrapped
<alirio>this still has 'Nix': "guix gc: error: build failed: path `emacs' is not in the Nix store" and this is a user-visible thing
<civodul>ahah :-)
<civodul>the thing is, this message comes from the daemon
<civodul>and we take the daemon almost unmodified from Nix
<civodul>that may change someday, but for now it seems better this way
<civodul>the counterpart is that we get "Nix" here and there ;-)
<alirio>civodul: in Growing_a_GNU_with_Guix.webm, you had some trouble with little text in minibuffer, I can make all text bigger with C-x C-e in (set-default-font "FreeMono-22")
<civodul>alirio: oh indeed, i didn't think of doing that
<civodul>i'll try to keep it in mind for next time :-)
<phant0mas>civodul: sent
<phant0mas> oh crap baskets...:P
<tadni_>wmaker is an intresting choice for the wm, in the demo image. :^)