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<phant0mas>it will only find the addons already present, not libpthread
<phant0mas>I have to run autoreconf
<phant0mas>so it can reproduce the configure scripts
<civodul>so perhaps (chmod "configure" #o777)
<phant0mas>it works, getting some autoheader: warning: missing template: but I will figure somethig out :P
<civodul>good night/day!
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<spacebat>I've just installed guix and followed through the daemon setup and so on, made nix-setuid-helper owned by root and setuid so I can run the daemon once as guix-builder, but when I try to install something permission is denied to write to /nix, so I created that, then permission is denied to /nix/store, /nix/store/.links and so on
<spacebat>is there a script I've missed that sets up these directories with the right permissions, or is it that I'm running the daemon wrong?
<davexunit>spacebat: /nix/store? are you using a release tarball or git?
<davexunit>we've recently switched to /gnu/store
<spacebat>oh I see, tarballn 0.5
<davexunit>spacebat: do you plan on developing for guix?
<spacebat>not really no
<davexunit>well, you should be able to get by on the 0.5 release, but note that you won't get prebuilt binaries.
<spacebat>just looking for an alternative to stow and its ilk
<spacebat>I don't know enough scheme to be of help
<davexunit>I haven't used stow.
<davexunit>guix is a full fledged package manager.
<davexunit>and distribution of the GNU system
<spacebat>yes I like the ideas behind it
<spacebat>perhaps I should install nix first and then run guix or something
<davexunit>per your actual problems, it seems that the owner of the /nix directory isn't right?
<spacebat>yes what are the required permissions?
<spacebat>or perhaps the setuid helper isn't being found or run by the daemon
<spacebat>but I'm not seeing errors about those things specifically, just permissions on /nix and its contents
<davexunit>/nix/store should be owned by root
<davexunit>and the daemon should be run as root
<spacebat>I wonder why it needs a setuid helper then
<spacebat>does it drop privs when it accepts a request and then needs them back for specific things?
<davexunit>I haven't been super involved in guix. I set up my daemon and forgot about how I did it.
<spacebat>I'll try that
<davexunit>spacebat: feel free to write to the mailing list about your issue
<davexunit>I'd tell you what my settings are but I'm not at the machine that I run guix on.
<spacebat>I'm getting further now, it's finding stuff and the new permissions error messages give suggestions as to what the permissions should be
<davexunit>thanks for trying things out.
<davexunit>guix is really cool and it will be getting even better as time goes on. a new release should be happening sometime soon.
<davexunit>regarding the bash 4.3 upgrade: I recall a discussion here about having a large collection of packages on top of bash 4.2. was it the guix project that convinced the bash maintainers to release a new version?
<mark_weaver>spacebat: fwiw, I've never added setuid bits to 'nix-setuid-helper'. I just run the daemon as root, which is the recommendation.
<mark_weaver>the actual builds happen as unprivileged users. root is needed in the daemon to set up a secure build environment (chroot, linux container with private namespaces, etc).
<mark_weaver>davexunit: if the bash release was because of us, that would be news to me.
<davexunit>mark_weaver: okay, it probably wasn't then. I recalled a moment where I think civodul wondered if we could convince bash to make a new release so that we didn't have to deal with so many patches.
<mark_weaver>yes, I remember that too. perhaps he talked to them, but he didn't mention it to me, although he *did* point out the new release to me.
<davexunit>anyway, it's great that the release happened. :)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<ggrant`>civodul: o/
<phant0mas>hello civodul
<phant0mas>I created a repo at gitorious to upload there all my local branches so for everybody to have a look
<phant0mas>and I think found a way to bypass the definition missing errors,trying it now
<phant0mas>I found*
<civodul>"definition missing errors"?
<phant0mas>after running autoreconf
<phant0mas>nothing to worry about...for now
<civodul>well, ok
<phant0mas>I will apply a patch to libpthread that will remove the need to run autoconf
<phant0mas>and save me the trouble
<civodul>ah cool
<phant0mas>civodul: configure: running configure fragment for add-on libpthread
<phant0mas>it works!!!
<phant0mas>now back to building glibc succesfully
<civodul>wo0t! :-)
<civodul>that's good news!