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<mark_weaver>scourge: a good way to start contributing is to install guix from git and contribute packages for software you use that are missing.
<scourge>mark_weaver: will do thanks
<zacts>yay for guix! \\o/ - I <3 this guix.
<zacts>so how is X11 support on guix currently? it can run dwm.
<zacts>let me see about i3
<zacts>this week
<mark_weaver>well, I'm running emacs built with guix against gtk+-2, as well as ratpoison and a bunch of other X clients.
<mark_weaver>we have an xorg-server package, dunno how well it works off-hand, since I'm using a YeeLoong which needs a specially patched X server, and that work is not yet incorporated into guix.
<zacts>mark_weaver: you know there is a new fsf endorsed laptop with a larger screen and x86 hw.
<zacts>just fyi
<mark_weaver>zacts: yes, in fact mine is on its way.
<zacts>ah sweet
<mark_weaver>(well it has been ordered, I mean)
<zacts>I'm working towards a totally 'free' setup, I've got to try out dragora, but I love slackware's system so much
<mark_weaver>anyway, time for me to sleep.
<zacts>gn mark_weaver
<zacts>thanks for all of your help
<mark_weaver>happy hacking!
<zacts>happy hacking! \\o/
<mark_weaver>thank you for the freebsd recipe work :)
*mark_weaver ---> zzz
<ph4n70m4s>good morning guix
<zacts>morning ph4n70m4s
<ph4n70m4s>Writing my google-melagne project proposal now
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