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<BlueT_>Hello #guix
<BlueT_>I'm experiencing problem when trying to `guix package -i make` on the virtual machine image list on
<BlueT_>the error msgs like: ./configure: line 27: /dev/null: Permission denied
<BlueT_>repeaded for about 10 times, but from different lines
<BlueT_>actually no matter what I was trying to build, all stoped at the 'make' package
<BlueT_>I know the Guix version in that image is old, but I can't build the guix-latest, so...
<BlueT_>would be really appreciate if there's any suggestion/workaround
<davexunit>BlueT_: guix has undergone some major changes lately with the build farm, so maybe that's causing it.
<davexunit>I haven't actually used the VM image, so I don't know.
<davexunit>I use debian as a base and work with the pre-installation environment when I write packages.
<BlueT_>davexunit: i see. thanks.
<davexunit>BlueT_: I'm assuming that you want to develop for guix.
<davexunit>since actually running a fully guix system isn't quite possible yet.
<BlueT_>davexunit: Actually I'm just trying to find a way to have a Guix on Hurd system. I tried to build guix on Debian/Hurd and reported some bugs last year.
<BlueT_>There're going to have some kind-of-big OSS related conferences soon, and I want to introduce Guix and Hurd to OSS folks in my country
<BlueT_>I saw phant0mas is working on that, that's cool
<davexunit>yeah he's been plugging away trying to package hurd
<BlueT_>davexunit: so, is there any place I can find a "pre-installation environment" to try the latest guix and maybe do some little things?
<davexunit>BlueT_: clone the guix git repository to your machine
<davexunit>and follow the instructions to build it
<BlueT_>would like to try to package something into guix's pool
<davexunit>then run something like: ./pre-inst-env guix package -i emacs
<davexunit>you'll need to consult the manual for running the guix daemon
<BlueT_>davexunit: roger that. still have to build from source
<davexunit>the daemon needs to be running as the root user for building software and such.
<BlueT_>davexunit: ok I'll try it. thanks :-)
<davexunit>BlueT_: also note that one of the biggest changes that happened recently is the change of a root-level directory.
<davexunit>the manual may refer to a directory called /nix/store
<davexunit>but that has recently been changed to /gnu/store
<BlueT_>oh oops that's something new
<BlueT_>davexunit: thanks a lot for mentioning that! :D
<davexunit>a lot of changes recently, but the software is still young so it's to be expected.
<BlueT_>yup i understand. though guile is not that young :p
<davexunit>BlueT_: also, there's usually a little more activity around here, but it all depends on time zones and such.
<davexunit>guile is quite old, yes. though guile was pretty much reborn with version 2.0
<BlueT_>davexunit: are those changes documented on somewhere?
<BlueT_>i see
<davexunit>BlueT_: the changes may be documented in the manual that you build from source.
<davexunit>but I haven't looked.
<davexunit>I have been sort-of out of the loop, lately. but no one else is around right now so I want to help as best as I can.
<BlueT_>I can see there are some discussions everyday from my log. Had been monthes since last time I check the channel...
<BlueT_>davexunit: really appreciate for those info, helps a lot :D
<BlueT_>now I'd better stop trying on that VM and delete it :~
<davexunit>the VM images will get better and more capable as time goes on. :)
<davexunit>I should really try one out.
<davexunit>it might be a really easy to fix problem you're having, but I just don't have the background to help with that.
<davexunit>time to go to bed. good night.
<phant0mas>good morning guix
<ph4n70m4s>mark_weaver: when I pass the headers as propagated-inputs ,while they are in the cpath I am getting the error "configure: error: Hurd headers not installed or too old"
<ph4n70m4s>any ideas? Maybe I need to copy the headers inside the same folder or something
<ph4n70m4s>here is the cpath from the building folder:
<ph4n70m4s>and here is my recipe
<ph4n70m4s>the headers aren't old, it just can't find them
<ph4n70m4s>the problem exists with the recipe in cross-base
<rigelk>hi #guix
<rigelk>could someone explain me what the (gnu namespace) refers to ? not sure where i heard of it, though it was in the mailing list :/
<d2342dda>rigelk: what would you like to know about the (gnu namespace)?
<d2342dda>I don't understand the question, could you paraphrase?
<rgc>hi. lately I've seen quite a few articles about provisioning machines and configuration management with nix. Is guix capable of doing this configuration management part? or for the moment it's just aimed to packages?
<d2342dda>rgc: iiuc, you may be interested in
<d2342dda>does it answer your question?
<rgc>aha, will investigate on the guix system. It may have hints for that. Like creating users, groups, and some configs
<mark_weaver>ph4n70m4s: look at the config.log to find out what it did to check for the hurd headers, and why it failed.
<rgc>oh, guix system failed to build ... :(
<mark_weaver>looks like you need to enable KVM in your kernel
<mark_weaver>or maybe the recipe could be changed to be tolerant of that
<scourge>rgc: thanks for asking that question about config management... those mailing list posts were great... guix could become apt/pacman/npm/bundler/chef/puppet done right!!
<scourge>it could literally change my life! :D how can i contribute?
<scourge>why the heck does nickserv think my nick is Claudie