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<civodul>got it!
<rgc>would it be possible to translate .nix files to guix recipes?
<rgc>they have shitloads of packages there! :D
<mark_weaver>The freenode server used for tor connections has been refusing my connections all day. *grump*
<civodul>mark_weaver: yes, for the 2nd in a row!
<civodul>rgc: yes, try: "guix import /path/to/nixpkgs foo"
<civodul>you need to have Nix installed
<civodul>only imports the simple things
<rgc>it's a pity I can't install nix from guix :/
<phant0mas>hi guix
<rigelk>hi there. could someone help me with some noob questions concerning my guix setup ?
<teythoon>rigelk: just ask the question
<rigelk>well, i just compiled guix. The guix-daemon command is there, but i don't know where to find the guix command.
<rigelk>did i do something wrong, or am i just missing something ?
<teythoon>no idea, i've never used guix, but one of the nice people here will surely help you
<rigelk>ok, thanks anyway :) what brings you here, btw ?
<teythoon>rigelk: guix sounds nice, and the guix people are working on packaging hurd
<rigelk>^^ same for me
<phant0mas>Having some work at my university ,will continue working on packaging hurd later today
<phant0mas>rigelk: have you read this
<phant0mas>it will be helpfull on setting up guix
<rigelk>yes phant0mas, and i successfully launched the guix-daemon command. I'm looking for the sole guix command.
<rigelk>phant0mas: yes, and i successfully launched the guix-daemon command. I'm looking for the sole guix command.
<phant0mas>there you can find some intructions on how to use guix
<phant0mas>usually it's guix package -something for managing the packages
<rigelk>thx phant0mas, but i can't find the guix command... is there a PATH to add or something ?
<rigelk>i mean, when i type `guix hash <package>`, it show "command not found: guix"
<phant0mas>where did you install guix? Is it in the $PATH ?
<phant0mas>no guix commands works?
<rigelk>I compiled guix in my home folder, and did not change my $PATH variable.
<phant0mas>did you install guix in your home folder?
<rigelk>yeah. Is it considered bad practice ? (noob in compilation?) :x
<rigelk>I created a guix folder in my /home/user and began compiling inside it.
<teythoon>rigelk: there is always find ~ -type f -name guix
<phant0mas>if it is installed in your home folder you should add the path to it in your $PATH variable
<phant0mas>and there's always what teythoon said :P
<rigelk>hum. I don't agree with him. I may be a noob, but until an installation is proven to work properly, I rather test binaries by calling them with their absolute path.
<rigelk>anyway, an updated $PATH variable pointing to my guix folder will only give me access to the binaries contained in this folder, right ?
<rigelk>so if can't find the `guix` binary by browsing my guix folder, changing the $PATH won't solve my problem :/
<teythoon>did you try what i suggested ?
<rigelk>updating the PATH ?
<rigelk>oh, find. not yet.
<rigelk>ok, done. I found a script at ~/guix-0.5/scripts/guix
<rigelk>but it outputs errors : ERROR: no code for module (guix ui)
<rigelk>teythoon: thx for the command, btw. May prove useful :)
<rigelk>here is a paste of the error :
<mark_weaver>rigelk: to use guix without installing it, prefix all commands with ./pre-inst-env while within the build directory.
<mark_weaver>e.g.: ./pre-inst-env guix-daemon --build-users-group=guix-builder
<mark_weaver>and ./pre-inst-env guix package -i hello
<rigelk>mark_weaver: thx a lot, it works and will cover my needs to test and discover guix :)
<mark_weaver>rigelk: fwiw, some of the core devs of guix *never* run "make install" :)
<mark_weaver>I have a 'guix' script in my ~/bin directory that just does: exec $HOME/guix/pre-inst-env guix "$@"
<rigelk>oh, good to know mark_weaver ^^
<davexunit>the proposed plan for guix.el is really exciting.
<mark_weaver>yeah, that will be very nice.
<fs8sd76>mark_weaver: ping
<fs8sd76>mark_weaver: what's the best way to install guile libraries (such as SRFI-78)?
<fs8sd76>Ideally, it shouldn't require installing any programs.
<mark_weaver>fs8sd76: there's no magic bullet. Most SRFIs have to be ported to Guile specifically.
<fs8sd76>I need SRFI-78 to run weinholt's tests.
<fs8sd76>So, if it were supported, it would be included in the Guile distribution, right?
<mark_weaver>I have to afk for a while. sorry, we'll have to talk about this later.
<fs8sd76>Not today anyway. Feel free to email me if you want.
<rgc>yesterday I saw , and was quite impressed. Is guix able to do server configuration รก la puppet/chef/nix ?