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<dfsdfs>davexunit: Ah, it' in the FAQ:
<dfsdfs>Steap: Building coreutils. Will let you know the result by email.
<fanta_>i cant download this packet: starting download of `/nix/store/23lh6ypr3nz8gvj5h40vrf3p816dy927-gc-7.2d.tar.gz' from `'...
<fanta_>ERROR: download failed "" 404 "Not Found"
<fanta_>what can i do? is my firt time using guix.
<Infiltrator>fanta_: Try a different source?
<fanta_>how can i do it?
<fanta_>hi Infiltrator
<Infiltrator>fanta_: I don't know; check the docs. :P
<fanta_>im reading the manual right now
<mark_weaver>hmm, there must be something up with Hans_Boehm's website at
<mark_weaver>it's not just that URL; his entire site is down
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<phant0mas>Hello civodul
<phant0mas>yesterday I was talking with the hurd guys about glibc
<phant0mas>and libpthreads
<phant0mas>they told me it would be better to directly include libpthread in glibc
<phant0mas>doing some reading on how to do that
<phant0mas>but I wanted to ask you , for hurd's glibc, where should I package it? Inside hurd.scm?
*civodul has to reboot
<ds8f9s78f>civodul: I sent a new diff. You'll have time to comment only after work, right?
*civodul sriharsha howdy
<civodul>not /me
<mark_weaver>hi rgc
*civodul investigates the GnuTLS failure