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<Steap>Can I write (substitute* '(file1 file2) ...) ?
<Steap>yeah, looks like I can
<Steap>That's some good shit.
<civodul>yeah it's really awesome
<civodul>a bit like sed
<Steap>I don't really know about sed
<Steap>I stumbled upon a very good article about it the other day, though
<Steap>the author must be one hell of a Unix guru.
<civodul>yeah, definitely :-)
<civodul>link? :-)
<Steap>I heard his former OS teacher bashed him for using "sort | uniq" instead of "sort -u"
<Steap>Honestly, everybody writes "sort | uniq"
<Steap>I had never heard of "-u" before
<civodul>ah found it:
<civodul>good night/day!
<phant0mas>good morning guix
<phant0mas>reading documentation about hurd's libpthread and how I should package it
<phant0mas>preparing libpthread headers recipe
<Steap>Is anybody using core-updates here ? I can't build coreutils, 1 test fails
<dfsdfs>Steap: I'm not, but I could try to run 'guix build -K coreutils' if you like. Should I do so?
<Steap>dfsdfs: well, if it's not too much trouble
<Steap>I might have just fucked up something
<Steap>switching to core-updates implies re-building Guix, then most of the low-level stuff (taht takes ages to compile)
<Steap>maybe I could just wait for Hydra to be back
<dfsdfs>Will do. But first I'll send a new "signed archives" patch to the list.
<dfsdfs>(I'll send you an email message.)
<dfsdfs>Steap: Have you tried the current master, by the way?
<dfsdfs>The store test fails for me.
<dfsdfs>I see tests/store.scm:182: FAIL topologically-sorted, more difficult
<Steap>dfsdfs: I haven't re-tried the master
<Steap>I was working on Python in core-updates, I decided to pull before sending the patches, and bam
<Steap>coreutils was updated recently
<dfsdfs>davexunit: I'm curious whether Freenode should actaully show your host before setting a cloak.