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<phant0mas>good morning guix
<phant0mas>can i tell guix to use an older version of a tool to build a recipe?
<bavier`>phant0mas: some packages have older versions defined with a version suffix, e.g. python-2
<bavier`>generally they'll all be listed with guix package --list-available
<bavier`>which tool do you need an older version of?
<bavier`>looks like guix only has make 4.0
<bavier`>what seems to be the problem?
<phant0mas>I have a problem with glibc for hurd
<phant0mas>but probably I will just bypass this problem
*davexunit is sad that the guix fosdem video is still not available
<phant0mas>okay I bypassed that problem
<phant0mas>but I have to package the hurd protocols as well
<phant0mas>at last I can see light :P
<bavier`>phant0mas: glad you found a workaround
<phant0mas>finally we will need a cross-compiler to build hurd
<phant0mas>so ludo was wrong in a way about that
<phant0mas>okay I managed to make hurd libraries work
<phant0mas>things starting to clear up