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<ouyiuo>mark_weaver: around?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<ouyiuo>civodul: is there a way to tell 'guix archive' to store a keypair in a non-standard directory, that is, '/usr/local/etc/guix'?
<ouyiuo>also, can't we move all crypto-related stuff to, say, 'guix crypto'?
<ouyiuo>Right now I have to use 'guix archive' in order to create a keypair and 'guix authenticate' to sign/verify, and I don't really like that.
<ouyiuo>Although I understand why it's done this way.
<civodul>ouyiuo: well, key material goes to $sysconfdir, not sure what you mean by "non-standard"
<civodul>re "guix crypto", dunno
<ouyiuo>civodul: By "non-standard" I mean "user-specified." Say, I want to have multiple keys and store them in different places.
<ouyiuo>Or am I misunderstanding the usecase?
<civodul>currently there can be only one key pair for exports
<civodul>if you want to discuss an extension, let's do that on the list
<ouyiuo>I have nothing concrete in mind yet.
<ouyiuo>But I'm planning to post to the list wrt to signing the archives.
<civodul>but remember that 'guix authenticate' is for internal use only
<civodul>users only get to use 'guix archive'
<ouyiuo>Yeah, that's what I meant by "Although I understand why it's done this way."
<ouyiuo>civodul: Just posted to guix-devel. I guess I'll stop thinking about it for today since I want to hear what Mark and others think.
<sriharsha-iris>can anyone test the gnunet package from master branch? It seems its tests are failing due to a slowness of hydra; I tried on 3 different machines and they are seem to do well.
<zerwas>sriharsha-iris: I tested it a few days ago, it worked for me
*civodul tries
<sriharsha-iris>it is currently building fine for i686 on hydra, but fails for x86-64
<sriharsha-iris>zerwas, on which architecture did you try? I tried it on x86-64
<zerwas>same for me
<phant0mas>hi guix
<phant0mas>how can I find what is the official gnu description for each project?
<phant0mas>make sync-descriptions doesn't work for mig
<phant0mas>civodul: is this okay for the package description? I took it from the gnu mig page
<phant0mas>it's line is under 75 characters
<phant0mas>as you told me
<civodul>phant0mas: what does "make sync-descriptions" say?
<civodul>normally it goes over all the synopses & descriptions of GNU packages
<civodul>and reports any mismatch
<phant0mas>let me try again
<phant0mas>it says everything is fine
<phant0mas>it finished succesfully
<phant0mas>so i guess it's fine
<civodul>ah then yes :-)
<civodul>if it doesn't print anything and exits successfully, it means it's happy
<phant0mas>sending the patch in 5
<civodul>cool, i'll look at it later today
<phant0mas>today it's the official barbeque day
<civodul>sriharsha-iris: GNUnet builds fine here (x86_64, /nix/store/4xd61zmpihdimrz8c9j7xd37lmsls06n-gnunet-0.10.0)
<phant0mas>and you can smell all the meat around :P
<sriharsha-iris>civodul, thanks for checking. Hydra hasn't built that derivation yet, let's wait and find out if it can build it this time.
<mark_weaver>sriharsha: I also built gnunet successfully on mips64el.
<mark_weaver>I haven't used it yet though. I still have to learn how to use it.
<viric>mark_weaver: can you show me the ecc25519 speed test from libgcrypt?
<viric>(it should be in the libgcrypt build log)
<viric>in the mips64el (Loongson 2f?)
<mark_weaver>viric: I search the logs for libgcrypt (both 1.5.3 and 1.6.1), but couldn't find the string "ecc25519" in either of them.
<civodul>mark_weaver: about GnuTLS:
<viric>mark_weaver: look for 25519
<viric>it's only in 1.6.1
<viric>ecdsa25519? I don't know how they call it
<mark_weaver>viric: don't you have a log of your own to search?
<viric>EdDSA Ed25519 60ms 770ms 1130ms
<viric>I get this in my sheevaplug
<mark_weaver>EdDSA Ed25519 60ms 800ms 1160ms
<mark_weaver>I might have been doing something else on the machine at the same time. I've been running this machine heavily loaded a lot, often 2-3 builds going on at once plus other things.
<viric>is this a loongson2f?
<viric>ok. I remember the performance for general purpose arithmetic was like the sheevaplug, so your numbers look quite like mine
<viric>I didn't know if you had a longson3 thing :)
<mark_weaver>I am borrowing one, yes, but haven't been using it much lately. I think it may become the MIPS build machine for Guix, but it would be good to figure out how to boot it without a binary blob.
<viric>was it an ati thing blob?
<mark_weaver>right now it's running the Loonix, a Debian derivative from Lemote. it would probably take a lot of work to get it running 100% free.
<mark_weaver>of course I have Guix running on it too.
<phant0mas>civodul: gmail is really screwing up my emails :P
***drewc1 is now known as drewc
<civodul>phant0mas: lemme see
<phant0mas>what happened?
<phant0mas> before by mistake I sent the patch only to you
<phant0mas>but then when I noticed it I sent it again to the mailing list
<phant0mas>I will be more carefull next time
<phant0mas>civodul: is everything alright?
<civodul>phant0mas: yeah i'm looking at it
<civodul>sorry for the delay
<civodul>catching up with IRC, email, etc.
<phant0mas>take your time :-)
<civodul>ERROR: Unbound variable: flex
<phant0mas>oh crap
<phant0mas>sent the wrong patch
<phant0mas>god damnit
<phant0mas>2 module in top are missing
<phant0mas>one sec
<phant0mas>sorry sorry
<phant0mas>yeah...thanx civodul
<phant0mas>you don't have to say anything, I shouldn't forget things like that...
<civodul>ah right, i added them
<civodul>well, that happens :-)
<phant0mas>thank you
<phant0mas>i promise it's the last time I do these kind of mistakes
<phant0mas>I will be extra carefull next time
<phant0mas>btw never come to Greece during the national barbeque day
<phant0mas>they will make you eat till you can't move a muscle
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>didn't know there was a national barbeque day
<phant0mas>welcome to Greece ;-)
<phant0mas>we call it tsiknopempti
<phant0mas>where pempti = thursday
<phant0mas>and tsikno = the smell of the meat while on barbeque