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<civodul>good night/day!
<zerwas>Just for the record, I "solved" the 'no such file or directory' subcommand error by deleting localstatedir/var/nix
<mark_weaver>zerwas: it sounds like you deleted something from /nix/store manually. You must never do that.
<mark_weaver>instead, use "guix gc --delete /nix/store/..."
<mark_weaver>note that it won't let you do that if anything else in the store references the thing you're trying to delete, and that's important.
<phant0mas>good morning guys
<phant0mas>when I try to compile guix from source during make I get the error that "WARNING: 'dot' is missing on your system."
<phant0mas>from the git repo
<zacts>guix rocks!
<phant0mas>it surely does :P
<zacts>I may look into seeing if I can start submitting patches for a Gnu/kFreeBSD after the end of this semester.
<zacts>NuBSD needs to fully DeBlob and audit the FreeBSD kernel using FOSSology and debian deblob scripts
<zacts>and I assume upstream glibc and other changes will be needed
<mark_weaver>phant0mas: dot is a program from graphviz. if it's not convenient to install that, you can just make a blank file in its place for now.
<mark_weaver>(in place of the file 'dot' is used to generate, that is)
<mark_weaver>it's an image of a large graph, part of the manual.
<mark_weaver>s/graph/dependency graph/
<mark_weaver>the pregenerated graph comes with the tarball but it's not in the repo.
<phant0mas>thnx mark works perfectly now
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<mark_weaver>hi civodul!
<civodul>mark_weaver: i think you're sleep deprived, beware! ;-)
<mark_weaver>heh :)
<mark_weaver>civodul: I noticed that the glibc manual is missing from share/info/. it looks hard to fix this :-(
<civodul>mark_weaver: i fixed it in core-updates
<civodul>commit gnu guix fosdem
<civodul>commit 8fd6487e1c6ba4b3c8615973389f33335389af13
<civodul>here we go :-)
<mark_weaver>oooh, really?
<mark_weaver>the level of support you are giving for Guix is just amazing, civodul.
<civodul>i eat my own dog food
<civodul>so that's a good motivation ;-)
<mark_weaver>I'm eating the dog food too now, hence the sudden uptick in my post rate :)
<civodul>that's good :-)
<civodul>that'll be funny when we boot the whole thing
<civodul>we can have a dogfood party at that point :-)
<phant0mas>(facepalm) :P
<Sleep_Walker>zerwas: could the installation on Fedora be retried, please?
<Sleep_Walker>I believe it should be OK now, but verification would be nice
***schjetne_ is now known as schjetne
<jmd>when I do "guix build -n octave" I'm told that TWO instances of cairo will be built.
<jmd>Same version number, different hash.
<jmd>Why does it have to be built twice?
<civodul>howdy jmd & sriharsha
<civodul>jmd: poppler builds a stripped-down Cairo
<civodul>it should use a different derivation name
<jmd>Ah. That would explain it.
<civodul>sriharsha: so are you eligible for this brilliant GSoC project? :-)
<sriharsha>yes, I am eligible as a student
<sriharsha>but I have a work contract until June this year, so I guess I cannot participate.
<civodul>i thought you were doing a PhD actually?
<sriharsha>yes, and I get paid ;)
<civodul>but i don't think that's a problem ;-)
<civodul>ISTR there was a GSoC person last year who was also a PhD student
<sriharsha>but I have to work 40 hours a week in the University
<civodul>right, so this is the actual problem ;-)
<jmd>When I was doing my PhD I was forbidden from working more than 8 hours a week.
<sriharsha>My prof often tells me how lucky I am to find this one.. :-) unfortunately this contract is until June.. sob..
<jmd>German PhD students are like unpaid slaves for the PhD supervisor!
<jmd>Nah. I didn't feel that way when I was doing my PhD.
<jmd>But all the German students who visited commented on our "laid back" atmosphere.
<jmd>In fact, I thought it was too hands off for my liking.
<jmd>Shove the student in a room with a computer. "See you in 3 years when you present your thesis"
<viric>jmd: "unpaid slaves" sounds as if the slaves deserved paying
<jmd>viric: It was rather a tautological turn of phrase, yes.
<jmd>libraries which provide their own pkg-config type thing are a pain.
<zerwas>I must be missing something here: I ran "guix pull" and after compiling all the .scm files it ended with "guix pull: error: no permission". guix-daemon is running with "--build-users-group=guix-builder"
<zerwas>the user I executed guix pull with owns /usr/local/var/nix/profiles/per-user/zerwas
<zerwas>$ ls -ls /nix reports: 36 drwxrwxr-t 26 root guix-builder 36864 Feb 13 14:36 store. Most directories inside /nix/store are owned by root:root and some by root:guix-builder
<civodul>zerwas: what's the exact "guix pull" error message?
<civodul>could you copy/paste it?
<civodul>aquilenet ?
<civodul>heck, do we know each other?
<zerwas>that's not my domain ;). I just love his project zerobin
<civodul>"Cannot decrypt paste: Decryption key missing in URL"
<civodul>Aquilenet is a local ISP run by friends
<civodul>oh, works now
<civodul>anything on the daemon's stderr?
<zerwas>Oh, I see. Small world. The URL works for me (maybe you are missing the = at the end).
<zerwas>Hm, how do I check the daemon's stderr? I'm running it via a service in /etc/init.d
<civodul>ah, hmm, dunno
<Steap_>zerwas: are you from Aquilenet ? :p
<zerwas>~/.guix-profile points to /usr/local/var/nix/profiles/per-user/zerwas/guix-profile but /usr/local/var/nix/profiles/per-user/zerwas is empty
<zerwas>Steap_: no :)
<zerwas>oh btw civodul, thanks for mentioning me in the FOSDEM slides even though I didn't contribute much
<civodul>heh, i mentioned people who helped one way or another
<civodul>anyway, i'm pretty clueless here
<zerwas>Hm, nothing on stderr from guix-daemon
<zerwas>Well, sudo guix pull works ...
<Steap_>can I write "`(#:tests? ,@(if (string-prefix? "3" version) #t '(#f))" or something similar ? :p
<Steap_>I'm trying to enable the tests in Python 3, and disable them in Python 2
<zerwas>"sudo guix package -i hello --verbose" is stuck for me at "looking for the latest release of GNU hello..."
<civodul>Steap_: in Python itself, or in a package that uses Python?
<Steap_>in Python itself
<Steap_>in Python 3, there are not so many failed tests, so it's "easy" to disable them and run the others
<Steap_>in Python 2, too many tests fail
<civodul>then just change the 'arguments' field
<Steap_>yep, that's what I wanted to do
<civodul>just do it, then :-)
<Steap_>I wanted to replaced "#:tests #f" by "#:tests some guilish thing"
<civodul>(define python2 (package (inherit python3) (arguments '(#:tests? #f))))
<civodul>or the other way around
<Steap_>oh yes, ok, easier than I thought
<Steap_>oh but this is going to completely 'overwrite' the arguments, right ?
<Steap_>or will it just change #:tests? ?
<civodul>override 'arguments'
<civodul>then you can also use 'substitute-keyword-arguments'
<Steap_>oh nice
<zerwas>Hm. After pressing Ctrl-c it's unstuck, reports "interrupted by signal 2" and starts to download the files etc.
<zerwas>sriharsha: I just successfully built GNUnet 0.10 with Guix :). Thanks for working on this!
<davexunit>Steap_: those are some quality comments on phoronix...
<Steap_>davexunit: yeah, Phoronix is known for that
<phant0mas>what is the difference between inputs and native inputs?
<jmd>Would it make sense for ncurses to be split into bin and lib ?
<jmd>ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
<jmd>ERROR: download failed #<<uri> scheme: http userinfo: #f host: "" port: #f path: "/nar/yq84rjvrrc858xv5ps9g41y6gnalrjgc-libspectre-0.2.7.tar.gz" query: #f fragment: #f> 410 "Gone"
<civodul>looks like it's gone :-)
<civodul>ah, hmm
<civodul>that's a bug
<mark_weaver>I seem to be totally clueless about svn. I'm trying to checkout the linux-libre repo using svn from guix, but it keeps saying "svn: E170000: Unrecognized URL scheme for 'http:// ...'". Is our svn crippled, or am I being incompetent?
<mark_weaver>admittedly, I'm not sure what URL to give. I've tried with various suffixes like /trunk, /scripts, etc.
<mark_weaver>(the command I'm trying to svn co <URL>)
<civodul>mark_weaver: i noticed this today: our svn lacks libneon as an input, so it doesn't support HTTP :-/
<civodul>Andreas was working on packaging Neon, so maybe we should ping him
<mark_weaver>civodul: ah, okay. thanks!
<tadni>Did that package for Fedora ever get done?
<civodul>i think Sleep_Walker completed it, yes
<mark_weaver>Sleep_Walker made a package for OBS (Open Build System) but never tested it on Fedora himself. Someone else tested it and found that it didn't actually work.
<mark_weaver>(OBS is supposed to automatically generate packages for many distros)
<mark_weaver>(it comes from the OpenSUSE world)
<mark_weaver>among other things, OBS doesn't seem to support texinfo docs.
<zerwas>mark_weaver: thanks for the hint about guix gc --delete /nix/store/.., i'll keep that in mind
<tadni>Is the vm image getting close enough, to just bugger around in a graphical enviroment there?
<civodul>tadni: in master there's stuff to build a VM with Xorg + SLiM + WM but it's WIP
*tadni might just wait a month or-so, until there's an enviroment he can work in without any major change to his software stack and be standranded there.
<tadni>Is there plans for an installable system image, by Spring sometime?
<tadni>Are there*
<civodul>tadni: yes, that's the plan
<civodul>we'll get there :-)