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<civodul>so now we have --gc-keep-outputs
<civodul>hopefully that'll help ;-)
<civodul>good night/day!
<mark_weaver>ooh, thanks!
<Steap_>Does anyone know what verbosity levels can be passed to guix commands ?
<Steap_>0 to 5 :)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sdfsaa>civodul: ping
<sdfsaa>civodul: I'd like to create the simplest possible binary cache (for testing purposes). Where should I look?
<civodul>hello sdfsaa
<civodul>well you know what the narinfo looks like, right?
<sdfsaa>Yes, just like the recutils file.
<civodul>so you can create that "by hand" on a specific example, say
<civodul>and you could create the signature field likewise
<civodul>and then point the substituter at that
<civodul>see tests/store.scm on how to do that, there's an env. var
<civodul>does it make sense?
<sdfsaa>I have a .narinfo for Hello, but these instructions only mention a binary cache (.narinfo + NAR, I guess?).
*sdfsaa looks
<sdfsaa>So I'm not sure how to create the binary cache by hand. Let's see if the example in tests/store.scm help.
<civodul>"binary cache" designates all these formats notably used by Hydra
<civodul>sdfsaa: if you look at the test called "substitute", it basically creates 3 files: 'nix-cache-info', 'xxx.narinfo', and 'xxx.nar'
<civodul>that's a "binary cache"
*sdfsaa is reading the code
<sdfsaa>what's the purpose of nix-cache-info?
<civodul>well it tells clients StoreDir and WantsMassQuery :-)
<civodul>so if your store dir is /foo/store and the server says it serves /nix/store, it's no need going further
<sdfsaa>What's "WantMassQuery"?
<civodul>and WantsMassQuery is to ask cooperative clients to not DoS the server
<civodul>that's the idea
<civodul>i think our substituter doesn't honor it :-)
<sdfsaa>OK, I've got the idea. Going to play with the code. I'll let you know if anything isn't clear. Thanks for your help.
<civodul>you're welcome!
<sdfsaa>civodul: It's unusual to see you using one letter identifiers. Have you been writing Haskell lately?
<civodul>ah ah, no :-)
<civodul>i do that sometimes, but i try to refrain from doing it in "real code"
<civodul>FORTRAN uses one-letter identifiers too ;-)
<civodul>with a special meaning even
<civodul>like 'i' is an integer, etc.
<sdfsaa>Didn't know that.
<civodul>yeah, crazy feature
*civodul goes to lunch
<viric>it's an advantage that computer keyboards include different keys for l and 1.
<viric>It would have been fun otherwise.
<sdfsaa>1337 k3yb04rd5
<viric>yes, l337 or typing machine
<sdfsaa>civodul: You said that (paraphrased) "those three files are a binary cache." But /nix/var/nix/substitute-binary/cache doesn't look like that. There are multiple scheme-y .narinfos each of which uses a hash as its name. I assume that 'nix-push' expects that format. So how can I convert the mentioned three files into it?
<sdfsaa>(I've probably misunderstood something.)
<sdfsaa>civodul: I have to go. Please follow up on the list.
<civodul>lots of people here today :-)
<civodul>it's Friday, i guess we'll all looking for ways to slack :-)
<Steap_>civodul: don't people do that all week ,
<civodul>well, Friday is traditionally a peak
<Steap_>btw, I can't seem to find my printer (again), so I'm moving to your workplace :)
<civodul>ahah :-)