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<dhamidi>Hey! Are there plans plans for packaging `guix` for .deb-based systems? I installed it yesterday on a debian machine following the instructions in the info manual and everything worked quite well, but it was still more work than just issuing one command. It would probably increase adoption if `guix` were just an `apt-get install guix` away
<jmd>feel free to volunteer to do that.
<dhamidi>ok, so nobody is working on that right now
<atheia>Correct, though I too would agree that it would be helpful, so if you have the experience, that'd be awesome!
<dhamidi>unfortunately I don't have any experience with packaging stuff for debian yet, but this seems like a good opportunity to learn :)
<atheia>Indeed :-) good luck!
<jmd>Then we should package debian in guix!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<atheia>Hello on both channels :-)
<civodul>heheh :-)
<zerwas>dhamidi: If you will try to build a .deb package: Sleep_Walker was kind enaugh to create a(n unofficial) package for .rpm based systems: . Have a look at the .spec file. I guess you can also borrow the init script there (originally by sriharsha)
<sriharsha>dhamidi, the init script zerwas was referring to is here:
<Sleep_Walker>I think I slightly modified it
<dhamidi>thanks! I'll have a look at it when I have time (maybe this evening)
<Sleep_Walker>what is usual `make test' failure rate for guix 0.5?
<Sleep_Walker>I've got PASS: 19 (of TOTAL: 22)
<Sleep_Walker>(make check of course)
<mark_weaver>Sleep_Walker: which one failed?
<mark_weaver>the only test I've seen fail recently is a test that expects a failure from accessing a non-existent URL, and only when I was behind one of those terrible DNS servers that *always* succeeds, making up a fake web page.
<mark_weaver>(some internet service providers do that)
<jmd>In the chroot, does the guix builder have permission to listen on sockets < 1024 ?
<Sleep_Walker>mark_weaver: tests/builders.scm, tests/packages.scm, tests/
<Sleep_Walker>I rerun tests as root to be sure it's not thanks to sandbox
<Sleep_Walker>(gentoo's sandbox to be exact)
<Sleep_Walker> - tests/builders.log
<mark_weaver>ah, this sounds familiar. I think there's some limit to the length of pathnames somewhere in the daemon, or something. filenames are getting truncated.
<mark_weaver>well, I don't remember where the limit is.
<mark_weaver>but you're hitting it.
<mark_weaver>./configure: ./config.status: /var/tmp/portage/app-admin/guix-0.5/work/guix-0.5/test-tmp/store/nlpig1pgdgk6: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
<mark_weaver>that's a truncated filename.
<mark_weaver>for now, can you build in a directory with a shorter pathname? (sorry)
<mark_weaver>or just live without running the test suite, I guess.
<Sleep_Walker>that was also my asumption
<Sleep_Walker>and no, I don't think that shorter path is possible in this case
<Sleep_Walker>I'll disable the test case here
<Sleep_Walker>all other failures are the similar to this one
<Sleep_Walker>I don't think it's on daemon though
<Sleep_Walker>'configure flags:' line looks correct
<Sleep_Walker>or is it just something that is passed to daemon?
<Steap>Hey, I can't remember how I can download a tarball and put it in my store "manually"
<Steap>I think I should run "guix download foo.tar.gz && something else"
<Steap>any idea ?
<Sleep_Walker>bug #15052
<Sleep_Walker>but I don't think that's the case
<Sleep_Walker>nix/nix-daemon/ /* Urgh, sockaddr_un allows path names of only 108 characters.
<Sleep_Walker>nix/nix-daemon/ relative path name. */
<Sleep_Walker>nix/nix-daemon/ chdir(dirOf(socketPath).c_str());
<Sleep_Walker>there is workaround for this specific case
<Sleep_Walker>but it is interesting that someone already tried to create package of guix (but I wasn't able to find it anywhere)