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<rgc>I'm trying to install my first package with 'guix package -i lua' , and although the build succeeds, no link is created in ~/.guix-profile . the link should be created automatically? or I'm supposed to create it manually?
<zerwas>rgc: It should be created automatically in ~/.guix-profile/bin
<rgc>oh :(
<zerwas>rgc: did you do sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/var/nix/profiles/per-user/rgc ?
<rgc>and change the owner accordingly
<zerwas>I'm just a user myself. Looks like no dev is available at the moment.
<rgc>yup ... thanks anyway :)
<zerwas>rgc: did you invoke "guix package..." as a user?
<zerwas>or as root?
<rgc>as a user, and the daemon with "sudo ./pre-inst-env guix-daemon --build-users-group=guix-builder"
<zerwas>I see.
<Steap>rgc: so /home/rgc/.guix-profile/ is empty ?
<zerwas>but the directory itself was created by Guix automatically?
<Steap>rgc: no error message or warning during the installation ?
<rgc>oops, I unlinked ~/.guix-profile, and after running daemon again, or something, the link has been recreated and has things inside
<rgc>maybe the directory pointed to some old installation of guix I did a week ago
<rgc>ook, it works now. I'll try to trace what made this thing happen.... anyway... I think I have my first recipe working :)
<zerwas>Great! :-)
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<jmd>In the chroot jail, "rsh localhost" fails.
<jmd>I thought that localhost access was allowed.
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<viric_>hello! oh, tor works
<civodul>yeah, as you can see :-)
<civodul>it didn't work earlier today
<viric_>freenode has been a lot of hours under ddos
<jmd>How was fosdem?
<civodul>jmd: good!
<civodul>i gave my talk with a brand new demo ;-)
<civodul>and i failed to get in the room for the NixOS one
<civodul>it was packed
<civodul>viric_: yep
<viric_>is packed full?
<civodul>viric_: yeah, and like 20 people were unable to get in
<viric_>what a good marketing this time
<civodul>it was less crowded for mine, i'm jealous ;-)
<civodul>but i think Sat. everything was really packed
<viric_>you have lots of people behind nixos these days :)
<civodul>apparently there were a lot of people for the NixOS dinner
<viric_>I guess many came from the east
<civodul>the east is a Nix lair
<viric_>dict lair
<viric_>ahh right.
<civodul>jmd: so i saw you posted interesting patches!
<civodul>lemme see
<viric_>I remember Dragon's Lair
<rgc>hi. I wrote my first guix recipe (luajit) and it has mit license, but I don't see a helper for mit license. Is it just because nothing MIT has been packaged yet, or you use another name for it (my license knowledge == 0 )? or there's some concern against mit packages?
<civodul>hey rgc
<civodul>rgc: check guix/licenses.scm, it's actually called "x11" (to avoid confusion)
<civodul>no problem with MIT/X11 packages of course, they're free software
<rgc>yup, that's what I thought, but didn't know X11 was that related to MIT license
<jmd>There's also x11-style
<rgc>civodul: how was the talk in fosdem? I missed this fosdem :/
<rgc>btw, I was explaining the basic concepts behind guix, and some osX guys told me that homebrew works like this also. is it true, or I just explained it badly?
<jmd>I was also trying to explain about atomic commits and purely functional systems like nix and aegis to some colleagues.
<jmd>They reckoned that gerrit does it too.
<civodul>rgc: you explained it badly ;-)
<civodul>i think Nix and Guix are the only systems taking this purely functional approach
<civodul>but there are similarities with things like Stow or GoboLinux, for instance
<civodul>yeah Aegis, right
<civodul>that's pretty much the same idea it seems
<civodul>and Vesta
<civodul>well, ok ;-)
<civodul>but these two target different applications, IIRC
<civodul>jmd: isn't Gerrit a patch review thing?
<jmd>pwd is in coreutils?
<civodul>yes, and a built-in in Bash
<viric_>I wonder how many lines long is gnu's pwd
<rgc>or they don't know exactly how homebrew works :D. nah, but they told me they use also this kind of 'store' and symlink to one version or the other, allowing easy rollbacks at least
<civodul>ah ok
<civodul>or maybe i don't know either, who knows ;-)
<civodul>howdy a_e!