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<Sleep_Walker>presentation starting in few minutes
<Sleep_Walker>it should be broadcasted
<Sleep_Walker>or choose better mirror for room h1302 here
<bu^>can't we see the slides ?
<Sleep_Walker>neither can we :(
<Sleep_Walker>too bright light and white-on-black slides
<bu^>hum, for me it's just that the camera doesn't look at the screen
<Sleep_Walker>I hope it is better now
<bu^>ah nice now
<Sleep_Walker>I had no idea how far this project got
<Sleep_Walker>I'm very impressed
<bu^>dmd is nice
<bu^>version number doesn't show this maturity
<Sleep_Walker>I want T-Shirt!
<Sleep_Walker>I want T-Shirt!
<Sleep_Walker>mmm, sorry
<zerwas>I missed the presentation :(. Hope the video will be up soon
<davexunit>I look forward to watching that video.
<davexunit>I hear it was good, according to a friend that was there.
<davexunit>he hadn't heard about guix before and pinged me about it when he saw my name on the contributors list.
<zerwas>how could you not mention it to him before! ;)