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<sriharsha>zerwas, yes, I will post a patch soon
<zerwas>I'm excited :)
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<sriharsha>I need to swap the 'check and 'install phases from %standard-phases of gnu-build-system and add a new phase between them. This is what I am doing:
<sriharsha>but I keep getting: ice-9/psyntax.scm:1259:12: In procedure expand-expr:
<sriharsha>ice-9/psyntax.scm:1259:12: Syntax error:
<sriharsha>what is wrong with it?
<mark_weaver>well, I can see some problems and would write it quite differently, but first: does it say anything after "Syntax error:" ? it seems that you've omitted the most important part of the error message.
<mark_weaver>you mispelled 'outputs' in "#:key outpus"
<mark_weaver>I don't know that 'key=?' even exists.
<mark_weaver>the (find ...) expression could be more naturally written (assq 'check phases)
<mark_weaver>(apply (lambda (phases) ...) %standard-phases) could be more naturally written as (let ((phases %standard-phases)) ...)
<mark_weaver>but I'm not sure why to bind it to a different variable name, since you already have it as a variable.
<mark_weaver>anyway, I have to go afk for a while...
<sriharsha>mark_weaver, I followed your suggestions and this now seems to work:
<sriharsha>however, when I try to use 'find' and 'match-lambda' it fails:
<mark_weaver>oh, well, I can see some problems there.
<mark_weaver>again, I'm not sure 'key=?' even exists. but also, if a 'match' or 'match-lambda' doesn't match any of the clauses, then that's an error.
<mark_weaver>oh, well, I guess that wouldn't happen anyway.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<zerwas>this pun never gets old. Hey :)
<civodul>glad you like it ;-)
<viric>civodul: can you help me with one french sentence?
<viric>"Porter haine à quelcu'un"
<viric>it's a dictionary definition.
<civodul>viric: it's syntactically invalid IMO
<civodul>it could mean "to hate someone"
<viric>aha, great
<viric>what is invalid, apart from ortography?
<civodul>well i've never seen that expression before, and it sounds weird
<civodul>"haine" is "hatred"
<viric>bring hatred to someone?
<civodul>yes, literally
<civodul>what does that mean? :-)
<civodul>ooh, indeed, thanks for the link
<civodul>that must be old French
<civodul>for instance it reads "bonneur" instead of "bonheur" ("happiness")
<viric>can't you understand it though?
<civodul>and it uses the big lower-case "s"
<viric>Aren't you french enough?
<civodul>not enough maybe ;-)
<civodul>i can imagine what it means, but it doesn't feel natural
<viric>maybe 'porter' means 'have'?
<viric>have with oneself
<viric>as in 'wear glasses', "porter" glasses.
<civodul>yes, but maybe here it means "to bring", dunno
<viric>very well. Thank you!
<civodul>np :-)
<viric>civodul: as you wrote 'bonheur'... you made me think on one of the stupid names Spanish translated here on dictator time
<viric>El pic dels tres hereus => The mountain peak of the three inheritors.
<viric>They spanishized it to *The mountain peak of the very happy*.
<viric>(El pico de los muy felices). Crazy people
<civodul>"hereus" normally means "inheritors"?
<viric>hereu: inheritor, heir.
<civodul>ah ok, so indeed, what they came up with is rather funky
<civodul>an easy way to hide things under the carpet, i guess
<viric>yes, occitania is full of that too :)