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<quiliro>hello fellow hackers
<quiliro>i would be interested in incorporating students to collaborate with guix
<quiliro>it is a distro with a good freedom orientation and also good functionality orientation without being based on another distro
<quiliro>the Asociation of Free Software of Ecuador (
<quiliro>could call students to participate and make agreements with schools and universities to involve students and teachers
<quiliro>into collaborating with guix
<quiliro>is there a link where the pendind tasks or where helo is needed is detailed?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<zerwas>quiliro: I'm no developer but Guix needs more packages
<civodul>yes, and that's where you come in! :-)
<davexunit>civodul: quiliro just joined in. it seems that he is associated with "the Asociation of Free Software of Ecuador"
<davexunit>and wants to get students involved with guix.
<davexunit>which sounds like a nice idea to me.
<civodul>davexunit: oh indeed, i second that
<civodul>quiliro: if you need more info or anything, let us know
<quiliro>is there a link where the pending tasks or where help is needed is detailed?
<quiliro>civodul, davexunit: ^
<quiliro>zerwas: is there a link to information (howto) about packaging
<zerwas>quiliro: There is no packaging guide yet. You will need to refer to the manual for the time being:
<quiliro>thanks zerwas
<quiliro>i have thought about various areas of contribution
<quiliro>administration (what to delegate volunteers)
<quiliro>develovment and tests (TI students)
<quiliro>(IT students)
<quiliro>documentation (howtos) and translation
<quiliro>advocacy and marketing (who is benefited and what can they contribute in compensation)
<quiliro>art (icons, images, multimedia) and web page
<quiliro>what do you think about those areas
<zerwas>quiliro: if you can manage to get students to work on any of those areas that would be great :)
<quiliro>i will try :-)
<zerwas>keep us updated about the process!
<quiliro>zerwas: which mailing list
<zerwas>There's guix-devel:
<civodul>quiliro: for an intro to packaging, i'd recommend and
<civodul>i reckon the manual needs to be improved
<quiliro>cool thanks zerwas and civodul