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<rgc_>hi. First time user here. where can I find which apps have already recipies for guix?
<rgc_>I see 'guix package -s foo' works, but, is there anything more browseable?
<rgc_>empty string as search string kinda works :)
<rgc_>although, having a way to browse the recipies would be nice
<Steap>there is also a web page
<rgc_>nice, and I see that in there are the recipies
<rgc_>some of them at least
<Steap>guix package -A
<Steap>should work too
<rgc_>yup. thanks
<rgc_>btw, what's the idea with the recipies, how easy it is to collaborate sending new ones?
<Steap>rgc_: pretty easy
<Steap>juste add a .scm file in gnu/packages
<Steap>copy an existing recipe
<Steap>and modify it to fit your needs
<Steap>you might have to write some Scheme
<Steap>but iy should be easy for a programmer :)
<rgc_>I ment to contribute back to the main repo
<rgc_>yup, I'm trying to build luajit from the existing lua one
<Steap>are you using the git version ?
<Steap>then yes, you could add a package to gnu/packages/lua.scm
<rgc_>I see I finally installed guix 0.5, so the recipies are in /usr/local/share/guile/site/2.0/gnu/packages , I tried adding my luajit.scm there, but guix refresh didn't detect that new recipe.... :/
<Steap>rgc_: no, just update the files in the git repo
<Steap>as you'd do with any other piece of code :)
<Steap>Anyway, good night!
<rgc_>good night! tmrw I'll come back with more questions.. :)
<rgc_>hi again... I didn't succeed on adding a recipe to my 'local repo'. adding the file to in /usr/local/share/guile/site/2.0/gnu/packages and 'guix refresh' didn't work. neither 'guix build newpackage'
<rgc_>any obvious thing I'm missing?
<Steap>rgc_: dont'add stuff to /usr
<Steap>add stuff to ~/myguixrepo
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>hey, zacts