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<zerwas>Are there examples for packages which don't use gnu-build-system or one of the other available ones? For example Bitmessage does not even have a file:
<Steap>zerwas: look at ttf-bitstream-vera
<Steap>it uses the "trivial-build-system"
<ggrant>That reminds me, I need to get Dejavu packaged.
<mark_weaver>that would be good!
<ggrant>mark_weaver: Should be (hopefully) easy, seeing it's based on Bitstream Vera.
*ggrant just needs to figure out how to package xmlrpc-c and rtorrent and related utils will be ready to patch.
<ggrant>ArneBab: o/
<ggrant>Yah, texlive almost finished grabbing from hydra -- without any locking up! :^)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<ArneBab>ggrant: you called my backlog? ☺
<ArneBab>Hello civodul
*ArneBab has been summoned here in the dead of night (but arrived only in the morning - as it should be ☺)
<ggrant>ArneBab: Just a greeting, when your nick reappeared. :^I
<ArneBab>ah ☺ — my quasselserver died somewhere around 30.12. and I only found out about the lacking backlog this sunday…
<ArneBab>ggrant: thanks for the greeting ☺
<ggrant>ArneBab: NP, also that's a stinker. :^/
*ggrant still needs to setup an irc-bouncer one of these days... especially he has an "always-on" server that's just sitting there. :^P
<ArneBab>ggrant: I currently just use the quassel daemon. Not perfect, but working solidly.
<ggrant>ArneBab: I'll certainly look into it. My only real option I'm currently pursuing is shoesoff, which is Emacs centric.
<ArneBab>I thought about getting something stronger than Quassel myself (something which does not need X), but I did not yet find the time to investigate…
<ArneBab>(with emacs you could just run an emacs daemon with erc on the server and SSH into it so chat ☺)
<ggrant>ArneBab: Which is nice, but not as nice as it serving to remotely in-buffer. :^P
<ArneBab>I agree :) — please inform me when you find a nice solution!
<ggrant>ArneBab: Will do, I might actually dedicate an actual blog post to it. :^)
<zerwas>ZNC works fine for me
<atheia>Hello Guixers!
<ArneBab>Hello atheia
<civodul>hey atheia!
<civodul>how are you?
<atheia>Pretty good. First connection to IRC with my trusty Free X60.
<atheia>Exciting :-)
<atheia>How are you?
<civodul>that's the RYF-sealed machine, right?
<atheia> Yeah that's right — it's a bit smaller than I'm used to and Core Boot still has a few minor issues around temperature control (I think), but it works a treat otherwise…
<bavier>has anyone else has trouble in nix/libutil/ when building guix from master?
<bavier>I'm getting "nix/libutil/ error: member ‘guix_hash_context nix::Ctx::md5’ with constructor not allowed in union"
<bavier>ok, nvm, just needed to sync nix with upstream...
<civodul>my partner just cut a gnu with a Silhouette Portrait thing
<civodul>crazy hardware
<civodul>s/thing/cutting plotter/
<bavier>haven't heard of such hardware before, looks like fun
<civodul>yeah i didn't know either
<civodul>and there's the free software Robocut to drive it
<bavier>I was just going to ask about the freeness of the software ;)
<civodul>heh :-)
<civodul>and it's a surprisingly small piece of software
<civodul>and it actually works, even :-)
<bavier>while I was taking a break on packaging lilypond, they released 2.18
<bavier>unfortunately, it requires the very latest version of metapost
<civodul>well it's not unreasonable to start with the previous version anyway
<civodul>otherwise it's too depressing ;-)
<bavier>I was excited about the new lilypond, because I couldn't get the previous version to work completely
<bavier>but perhaps I can do some more work on it
<civodul>perhaps you can post the dependencies to begin with?
<civodul>i guess there's quite a lot of them
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<bavier>civodul: I need to look at what I've done so far, it's been a while. I remember getting the dependencies worked out, but the make check phase was failing
<civodul>we should try to get janneke to help us
<civodul>he came on this channel a few times
<bavier>that would be great
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