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<xyh>zerwas: I'm sorry to disappoint you.
<zerwas>You don't. I'm new to Guix myself. ;)
<Guest23323>zerwas: Please don't use the term "linux distribution." It's misleading. Linux is the kernel, not the whole system.
<xyh>it must be RMS in another nickname !
<davexunit>well, this is an official gnu project.
<davexunit>we do want to promote GNU, not just the linux kernel.
<xyh>without GNU we even can't use emacs,so without GNU we can't be !
<Guest23323>xyh: I encourage you to read the link I've posted. It discusses the ethical and practical issues in depth.
<Guest23323>I'm not trying to attack you. Just want to make sure you understand the reasons.
<xyh>Guest23323: ok, I am an anarchism of PRC, and I want devote myself to freedom too.
<Guest23323>xyh: Glad to hear that. Then you may enjoy this one as well:
<handheldCar>People's Republic of China?
<xyh>yes China
<handheldCar>cool, glad you made it through the great firewall
<xyh>no hard to break that ^_^, and it is a shame that we have such thing as great firewall
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>Hello Odulciv
<viric>do you start your nick by 'k' or 's' sound?
<civodul>'s', as per the French pronunciation rules :-)
<civodul>likewise, i pronounce yours as 'virik', is that correct?
<viric>but I didn't know if you reversed phonetically or ortographically :)
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*taylanub realizes that probably Ludovic = Ludwig .. cross-language names are funny
<viric>and Lluís
<viric>mine name
<taylanub>Pronounced Louis, I presume ?
<viric>Pronounced Lluís. :)
<viric>[lambda w 'is]
<viric>pallatal l, semivowel u, vowel i, s.
<viric>pallatal l, vowel u, vowel i, s.
<viric>strength on i.
<viric>For Louis, I'd do: [ l, strong u, i, s ]
<viric>unless in french, where I'd do [ l, u, strong i ]
<civodul>who's going to FOSDEM?
*civodul goes
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