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<rgc`>hi, I've read a bit about guix, and the idea seems great. I see NixOS using Nix as the package manager. Is there any linux distro using Guix? otherwise, is there a list of guix-friendly distros?
<rgc`>(I don't know even if asking this makes sense)
<mark_weaver>Guix aims to become its own standalone distro.
<mark_weaver>maybe at some point we should have a different name for the distro vs the package manager.
<mark_weaver>but for now, Guix should work within any GNU/Linux distro.
<handheldCar>I hope y'all do name the distro differently; "geeks" almost hurts my feelings.
<viric>handheldCar: guix reads 'geesh' in catalan. :)
<viric>and means chalk. :)
<handheldCar>Are the nix paths here to stay?
<mark_wea_>/nix/store will become /gnu/store
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<handheldCar>So if you have to patch a source file so that it uses /nix/store/.../bin/sh instead of /bin/sh, how do you do that: with a $var for the ...?
*handheldCar bbiab
<civodul>handheldCar: yes, 'gnu-build-system' does that by default: it patches all shebangs
<civodul>see for background
<civodul>it's been one year without /bin/sh :-)
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<handheldCar>Do you do anything when "source file ... newer than compiled"?
<mark_weaver>don't worry about it, but running 'make' should fix it, assuming that the source file is in the makefile.
<mark_weaver>, that is.