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<toothbrush0>la meilleure fromagerie dois ĂȘtre ouverte samedi
<gzg>mark_weaver: o/
<davexunit>hey gzg. I was perusing the other day and saw your guile-wm screenshot again. For some reason, my background doesn't look as good as yours.
<davexunit>I have a white line down the left side of my screen, but you don't.
<gzg>davexunit: How are you setting it? Too, screenshot anywhere?
<davexunit>one sec.
<davexunit>gzg: pming you
<gzg>davexunit: Kay.
<davexunit>sent, hopefully I did it right. erc doesn't make a buffer for a pm until you reply.
<gzg>davexunit: I got it, don't worry.
<gzg>davexunit: Yeah, odd. Mine's set as ''(shell-command "feh --bg-scale ~/.wallpaper.jpg")'', your's?
<davexunit>let's take this of #guix :)
*gzg still needs/wants to head over Parabola, when his RYF-certified wireless card comes in. His xorg is from Debian's repos and he want's to see if his xinit build is working.
<gzg>Is xf86-video-nv, the NVidia foss driver?
<gzg>Looks like it, but too it looks as-if it is deprecated. :^P
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