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<handheldCar>Where is everybody? I've been struggling to build a package
<Steap>NYE and stuff
<jmd>Steap: That was yesterday.
<Steap>jmd: you haven't been drinking enough, then :)
<jmd>I've also been struggling to build gnucash - it's crazy the dependencies it has.
<Steap>erf :/ Yeah, sometimes it seems endless
<handheldCar>Does anyone want to help me get started? I could explain, or you could check the devel list for my progress (Kete).
<Steap>handheldCar: I think you should try by being able to install one the already packaged pieces of software
<handheldCar>I think I can if I understand you. I am typing this from Guix Emacs with Guix FreeType.
<Steap>have you built those with the Git version of Guix ?
<handheldCar>excuse me, freefont-ttf
<jmd>handheldCar: What exactly are you trying to do, and what have you managed to do so far?
<handheldCar>I am trying to build Zsh. I wrote a zsh.scm package definition, used 'guix download' to get the archive+hash. That is where the manual stops. From the list, I was instructed to go to my build directory and run './pre-inst-env guix build <pkg>', but guix can't find the package.
<jmd>What happens when you run make ?
<handheldCar>In the guix directory or a zsh directory, it does the normal make file for configure. Is there something else?
<jmd>In the guix build directory.
<jmd>It should have created the zsh.go file.
<handheldCar>I think I'm missing a step that links guix to zsh.
<jmd>You will need an entry in
<handheldCar>I need help with that whenever you or anyone gets a few minutes. I'm guessing I put the path to my zsh.scm file in somehow somewhere.
<jmd>Yes. Under GNU_SYSTEM_MODULES. Have you done that?
<jmd>handheldCar: Are you still there?
<handheldCar>I'm about to type the path.
<handheldCar>ok, going to run make && ./pre again.
<handheldCar>still unknown. path started with ~
<jmd>Can you pastebin exactly the error message you are seeing.
<jmd>handheldCar: ??
<handheldCar>one minute please. I need to go afk in a few minutes
<handheldCar>1st, Here are a few lines from
<jmd>handheldCar: Didn't I tell you to put it in gnu/packages
<handheldCar>how does that go?
<jmd>just look at the existing entries and copy one.
<jmd>and try to keep the list in alphabetical order to make it easier for other developers.
<handheldCar>ok, the path doesn't make sense, but I'll try it when I get back in a bit.
<handheldCar>make[2]: *** No rule to make target `gnu/packages/zsh.scm', needed by `all-a m'. Stop.