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<handheldCar>zerwas, no, that's not necessary for me.
<handheldCar>I installed Emacs with Guix instead of Aptitude, and I still get a manpage without manually changing the $MANPATH.
<handheldCar>good guess though
<handheldCar>otherwise fresh Trisquel install
<zerwas>I wonder how your system finds the manpage
<handheldCar>'echo $MANPATH' == notta
<zerwas>handheldCar: what does the command "manpath" say?
<handheldCar>guix share man is first.
<gzg>I'm moving my whole graphical environment over to guix hosted software, today. :^)
<zerwas>The moving castle was nice
<gzg>Well, a vast majority of it... I still need to package feh and scrot and some form of EMMS compatible mediaplayer, for oggs.
<handheldCar>gzg, on one hand, if you attract hackers who miss only a package or 2, they'll probably build and contribute them
<gzg>handheldCar: True. Much of the stuff I have left on my list, happens to be lower-level stuff though. Wpa_supplicant and kbd,being to notable examples. That being said, the package list is getting expansive enough -- that I see it becoming attractive fairly soon to more hackers.
<gzg>Heck, openbox is like really easy -- after I get feh and scrot.
<davexunit>gzg: awesome!
<davexunit>I'm using guile-wm currently too
<davexunit>there's a couple of things that annoy me that I'm trying (and failing) to fi
<gzg>davexunit: That may be? For me, all it needs is a mode-line and basic tiling, in the key of stumpwm and I'll be gleeful.
<davexunit>gzg: I haven't yet figured out how to send a literal C-t yet
<davexunit>in stumpwm you would press C-t C-t to do so.
<davexunit>or rather C-t t
<gzg>davexunit: Doesn't appear to work on my end (in stumpwm).
<davexunit>I totally had that working out of the box. I know because I was able to open new tabs in firefox. :)
<gzg>davexunit: Hm, yeah ... I suppose you could remap it to an uncommon key. Like C-', or something. :^P
<davexunit>I want to figure out how to tell guile-wm to escape C-t, just like how you can escape C-a in gnu screen
<davexunit>gzg: also, do you know how to hide all windows and just show the root window?
<gzg>davexunit: Not sure if such a thing is implemented yet.
<davexunit>I think I hack it, but I haven't quite gotten it right yet.
<davexunit>I find it hard to look up things for guile-xcb
<gzg>davexunit: Yeah and I have such a little background with xorg in-general, that it's been fairly problematic to do anything more than trivial thusfar, on my end. :^P
<gzg>Both need a *lot* of documentation, but I suppose that's part of the fun.
<davexunit>I think I might be onto something.
<gzg>Restarting. Brb, probably.
<davexunit>well, I managed to hide all the windows.
<davexunit>but they are no longer in the reparents list so they are all but gone to me.
<gzg>davexunit: Yah? :^I
<davexunit>I need to unmap them and then reparent them. simply calling map-window isn't good enough
<gzg>Man, Hydra really needs more computing power and/or bandwidth ... unresponsive far too often.
*handheldCar might be able to help with documentation.
<gzg>handheldCar: At this point "any" documentation, would prove to be a benefit -- so please feel free. :^)
<handheldCar> I'll try to figure out what needs to be shared
*gzg wonders how hard it would be to patch librejs into conkeror. It would be cool for the 1.0 demo image to ship guile-wm, emacs, and conkeror -- he thinks.
<davexunit>that would be really neat.
<davexunit>I fear that guile-wm isn't featureful enough though.
<davexunit>I'm giving up on showing the desktop. I have no idea how to implement this properly.
<davexunit>god damn x11.
<gzg>davexunit: I originally suggested ratpoison, then for the next major release -- guile-wm, but I'm in that "overly optimistic, screw pragmatism" state of mind again. Unless development really picks up in Jan-Feb, I assume the former being a lot more likely than that of the latter. :^P
<gzg>davexunit: I'm still excited that guile-wm might morph, some way or another -- to supporting wayland. :^)
<mst>I thought there was already a WM somewhere scripted in scheme
<mst>if not more than one
<gzg>mst: Sawfish and SCWM.
<gzg>davexunit: But that's probably further out than even that of rendering Emacs directly under it...
<davexunit>I imagine it will be hard to make guile-wm work on wayland.
<davexunit>since it is so dependent on xcb
<gzg>davexunit: It's in the "even crazier" part of the README, so I'd imagine so. Do-able, but would probably need at least a partial rewrite/redesign to get there.
<davexunit>yeah, well I think a lot of the code could stand to be rewritten
<davexunit>there's a lot of small things like using a ton of defines instead of let
<davexunit>procedures that are way too long to understand easily.
<davexunit>no docstrings.
<gzg>davexunit: It's a start, at least. :^)
<davexunit>oh absolutely.
<davexunit>I really like it so far.
<davexunit>but a little documentation would help me hack this the way I want it.
<davexunit>I want to write a previous-window command but haven't figured that out either
<gzg>davexunit: Yeah, very difficult right now on basis of lack-thereof alone.
<davexunit>gzg: btw, really dig the howl's moving castle background. :3
<gzg>Not to say I'm all too competent to start, but I can usually bull myself into little hacks here and there. I seriously need to get back into doing SICP next-year, to hopefully be a lot more use going onward. :^P
<gzg>davexunit: Probably one of my favorite wallpapers, I've been able to find. :^)
<gzg>I hate the concept of wallpapers, but I still like them for the intrinsic art-fart factor.
<davexunit>same here.
<davexunit>is it possible to use adblock with conkeror?
<gzg>davexunit: I've read it is, I haven't tried it yet. It's FOSS, or?
<davexunit>adblock is, yeah.
<davexunit>it's a must-have firefox plugin
<davexunit>gzg: do you know how to resize a window in guile-wm
<gzg>davexunit: Appears it's hit or miss.
<davexunit>I will probably go back to plain ol' firefox.
<gzg>davexunit: Press alt and right-click+drag.
<davexunit>though I love the idea of conkeror
<gzg>davexunit: Or Icecat. ;^)
<davexunit>yeah, I include all of them in the firefox umbrella.
<handheldCar>davexunit, what do you think of Firemacs?
<davexunit>handheldCar: I like it.
<davexunit>but conkeror is built to be keyboard driven and emacs-like
<davexunit>firemacs is nice to have familiar key bindings in otherwise vanilla firefox.
<gzg>davexunit: I'm looking forward to emacsy, mainly for the possibility a more modern/flexible guile-centric browser.