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<zacts>hello guix
*gzg packaged xorg-xinit, now working on xterm.
<zacts>wow, congrats!
<gzg>My goal is to have guile-wm working in the GNU 0.5 Demo image, by the New Year.
<handheldCar>That would make a happy GNU year.
<handheldCar>Let us know if we can help
<gzg>Odd, building libutempter is complaining about "make: cc: command not found" -- the gnu-build-system is selected, so shouldn't GCC be defaulted to it?
<gzg>handheldCar: If I get an image, I'll likely host it somewhere and post it to the mailing-list, so people can play with it. Ideally it'd be a ~50gb image qcow2 image (about 2Gs of actual content) containing Emacs, Guile-wm, Icecat, etc.
<gzg>Very odd, still complaining about lack thereof "cc".
<gzg>davexunit: o/
<davexunit>hey gzg
<Steap>gzg: I've missed the beginning of the conversation, are you having trouble with a build that tells you it can't find cc ?
<gzg>Steap: I'm trying to build libutempter, for xterm -- and I skip the configure stage (not needed) but after which the log complains "make: cc: command not found".
<gzg>Shouldn't gnu-build-system handle this?
<Steap>gzg: nope, we do not have 'cc' in $PATH
<Steap>I think 'cc' is used in a Makefile
<Steap>what you should do is substitute it with (which gcc)
*gzg goes and looks for an example of this, somewhere. :^I
<gzg>Hm, the MakeFile doesn't seem to mention cc anywhere.
<Steap>grep -r "\\bcc\\b" * ?
<Steap>gzg: hum, no matches for "cc"
<Steap>isn't 'cc' called in one of the dependencies ?
<gzg>Maybe I'm missing something -- I am by no-means an expert, but I don't see it anywhere relecant,
<gzg>Steap: All it calls, it glibc -- I was manually going to add gcc, but it seemed to do nothing either.
<Steap>gzg: could you paste the recipe somewhere ?
<Steap>gzg: ok, I have the same error
<Steap>let me look at it
<Steap>gzg: ok
<Steap>got it
<Steap>$(COMPILE.C) is the compiler
<Steap>I did not know this variable, funny
<Steap>so you could set CC=gcc
<Steap>either by patching the Makefile
<Steap>but that wouldn't be pretty
<Steap>so you could export 'CC' during the configure phase
<Steap>I think it'd work
<gzg>Steap: Care to give me a sample what the latter might look like? I'm very close to turning in for the night (busy day tommorow...) and brain power is near through. :^P
<Steap>gzg: instead of your (alist-delete ...)
<Steap>use (alist-replace 'configure (lambda _ (setenv "CC" (which "gcc"))) %standard-phases)
<Steap>(you may wanna check the syntax here, but that's the idea :p)
<Steap>gzg: oh, some paths are also hardcoded
<Steap>so in the configure phase, you'll have to replace them
<Steap>in the previous lambda, yuou'll have touse "substitute" to replace "libdir = .*" by "libdir = (string-append outdir "/lib")
<Steap>or something like that
<gzg>Steap: Okay, very cool I'll append it to the expression and look into it switching those paths tommorow --thanks!
*gzg goes off to probably/hopefully sleep... peace people. AFK.
<Steap>gzg: np
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