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<jxself>gnunet_bot: What do you do?
*jxself pokses at gnunet_bot
*jxself pokes at gnunet_bot
<jxself>Aparently nothing.
<jxself>gnunet_bot: Tell civodul that Guix is awesome.
*davexunit tips over gnunet_bot
<jxself>gnunet_bot seems to have died.
*gzg will probably have Saturday free to package something.
<handheldCar>congrats on dmd 0.1!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>Hallo. Ludo
<jmd>What do we do about ?
<civodul>we just stop spreading FUD
<civodul>that should address the problem for the time being :-)
*civodul adds guile-wm :-)
<bu^>awesome work here, I ll call my babies civaudule :)
<bu^>to praise the lord !
<bu^>and build temples
<bu^>and ask people for money
<bu^>to fund you holy work
<bu^>you should propose dmd for the trollwar within the debian community
<davexunit>it's at version 0.1, surely stable enough for the debian community.
<jmd>I think there is a lot of similarity between guix/nix and aegis.
<civodul>one inspiration for Nix was
<jmd>They both have transactional change systems, a build sandboxes and enforce software dependencies.
<jmd>But guix is concerned with dependencies between software packages, whereas aegis is for the dependencies within them.
<civodul>aegis seems more like a VCS
<civodul>but perhaps it's kind of like Vesta, i.e., VCS + build management
<civodul>the user guide is tl;dr ;-)
<jmd>tl;dr ?
<civodul>"too long; didn't read"
<jmd>Yeah. Its a VCS and build management system.
<jmd>Unlike git, where you check in your changes, hope it breaks nothing and fix it when it does. With aegis you offer a change for commit, aegis builds it, tests it, and if successfull allows it to be commited.
<civodul>ah, cool
*civodul failed to run guile-wm in Xnest
<civodul>just fails with: 176: 1 [xcb-connection-send #f 4 #vu8(80 1 0 0 7 0 0 0)]
<civodul>(#f is the connection)
<viric>I never managed to run xnest well
<civodul>well i can start it and get an xterm in it