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<jmd>Do we have a potential legal problem here:
<a_e>jmd: I am just reading up on yesterday's log. Regarding the configure problems, one may use "setenv" to set the SHELL variable. See ffmpeg, for instance.
<jmd>a_e: Thanks. I think I have solved that problem though.
<a_e>Very well!
<jmd>(See the patches I posted to the mailing list)
<Steap>jmd: ouch, that GUIX thing might be an issue
<jmd>Steap: At the very least it could be a cause for confusion.
<jmd>But I'm surprised that I (and no-one else) had noticed it before.
<Steap>jmd: do you know when this Guix thing started ?
<Steap>jmd: don't know about you, but when I type Guix in Duckduckgo/Google, GNU Guix comes first :)
<jmd>When did our project start? more precisely when was it publically announced?
<Steap>it became a GNU project on November the 23rd, 2012
<Steap>First commit on April 18th, 2012
<jmd>So at least 12 months ago.
<jmd>Anyway, I think somebody who is legally savvy should look into it right away, in case we get problems.
<Steap>I'll ping civodul about that
<jmd>There is a press release dated October 29 2013 which says "Today Introduced".
<jmd>So we have first claim. But they have a trademark :(
<jmd>I dunno if trademarks can be challenged on grounds of prior use ...
<Steap>jmd: And the law is nto the same in all countries :)
<Steap>So as usual, the strongest guy wins
<Steap>Is GNU more or less powerful than the other guys ? :p
<jmd>Yep. Anyway it looks like somebody should investigate and take whatever action...
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<jmd>When do we get a bootable guix?
<jxself>Don't we have one already?
*jxself points to the QEMU image
<viric>hm I need help from a French; civodul not here... any French?
<viric>I'll have to wait :)
<Steap>oui ?
<Steap>viric: ^
<viric>I'm on /q
<zacts>lo guix hackers
<Steap>jmd found that this morning
<civodul>too bad for'em, muahahaha
<civodul>"GUIX Studio"
<civodul>gonna be the name of our package GUI
<Steap>jmd suggested that this might be a legal issue
<civodul>this is unlikely
<civodul>the spelling is different, different application, etc.
<Steap>how is the spelling different ?
<civodul>"GUIX" vs. "Guix"
<civodul>yeah, that matters :-)
<Steap>not sure whether you'd be great in a legal department
<Steap>or the worst lawyer ever
<civodul>anyway, let's not spread FUD
<jxself> !=
<civodul>and it's really "graphical user interface"
<civodul>the very opposite of what we're doing here ;-)
<Steap>where do the tests happen ? The cwd seems to be /homeless-shelter, but this directory does not exist, does it ?
<civodul>/homeless-shelter is the default value of $HOME in the build env
<civodul>by default cwd is the $top_srcdir during the whole process
<Steap>oh, right, my bad
<Steap>so it's supposed to exist
<Steap>funny, in the Python tests, it cannot be found
<civodul>what cannot be found?
<Steap>the current working directory
<Steap>the call to os.getcwd() fails, iirc
<civodul>isn't there a chdir somewhere?
<Steap>I'll have to look into it
<Steap>there is another issue where they use /bin/sh
<Steap>and I intend to submit a patch to the Python folks
<Steap>there are a lot of failing tests, but only a few root causes :)
<civodul>you're talking about CPythong?
*civodul packages guile-xcb while waiting for another build to complete
<Steap>civodul: yes
<Steap>civodul: currently, the tests are disabled
<civodul>oh, boo
<civodul>thanks for looking into it, then
<civodul>ladies and gentlemen
<civodul>GNU dmd 0.1 is out
*jxself dances happily
*jxself checks is email for an announcement to info-gnu
<jxself>er; his
<civodul>not on info-gnu yet
<civodul>i know it's a positive version number, but still ;-)
<jxself>What? Shock,
<Steap>Why not use systemd, as everybody does ?
<jxself>Systemd is 2010? Doesn't DMD predate it?
<civodul>dmd is 2003!
<civodul>much before Upstart and everything
<civodul>then there was some sort of a slowdown in the development process
<viric>Steap: what is "Chien de voleur!" ?
<Steap>Voleur = Thief, Chien = Dog
<Steap>so it's someone insulting a thief