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<jmd>I can't make out what the hell octave is doing with its texinfo
<jmd>Can it be, that the PATH variables are not set correctly for cross-compilation?
<amz3>what is the state of guix on arm ?
<jmd>guix ON arm or guix targetted for arm?
<amz3>what is the difference ?
<jmd>Well what are you trying to do?
<amz3>boot guix on raspberry
<jmd>guix is currently not bootable on anything so far as I'm aware.
<amz3>well they are images for x86
<amz3>it boot guile
<amz3>it boots guile itself
<jxself>Oh, Raspberry Pi? Uggh.
<jxself>It needs a binary blob - and won't even boot without it.
<amz3>yeah yeah I know all that, but is there any work done to support arm
<amz3>s/yeah yeah//
<jxself>I don't believe anyone has worked on that.
<jxself>The first step would be to work on getting the bootstrap binaries to build.
<amz3>what about cross compilation
<amz3>I'm might start with that
<jmd>Basically guix is supposed to be able to crosscompile anything (even itself) for any target. But I don't think it has been really debugged yet.
<jmd>pkg-config is totally messed up, for example
<amz3>does it support fake crosscompilation via qemu & proot ?
<amz3>I did something with a funtoo (gentoo-like), where I compiled the full distribution from scratch
<amz3>first step is to have the crosstool chain ready
<amz3>the second step is to rebuild everything for the target architecture
<amz3>the thing is some package don't support cross compilation, since I'm not a gcc nor a autotools expert, I use the proot trick
<amz3>I setup a minimal rootfs with links to the crosstools, and proot+qemu it, and they build everything from there
<amz3>it allows to avoid to have to patch upstream to crosscompile
<amz3>also since you use the crosscompilation toolchain you have almost native compilation speed
<amz3>anyway, I will dig into guix and report back
<amz3>I need to reboot
<amz3>qemu-system-i386 gnu-system-demo-0.4.img doesn't boot the demo on debian
<amz3>did I say something wrong?
<klrr_>amz3: i just think most people here just idle ;)
<amz3>anyhow, I'm build guix from guix now
<gzg>Anyone working on Icecat?
<Steap>gzg: Andreas was workng on it
<Steap>not sure whether the patch has been merged yet
<gzg>Steap: Cool. I'm trying to think what else we need/want for a basic/usable 0.5 demo image.
<gzg>wpa_supplicant I still need to finish, along with kbd -- but besides that, it seems fairly solid in scope.
<gzg>Does Icecat ship an Emacs-like keybindings extension?
<gzg>Looks like no, but obtaining Firemacs seems pretty trivial. :^P