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<davexunit>civodul: thank you. so much to learn.
<zacts>civodul: ok, will do
<zacts>I still have one box running debian, I'll let you know the specific errors I get the next time I try it again.
<zacts>from what I remember, it couldn't find guile for some reason
<davexunit>so I have added ~/.guix-profile/bin to $PATH, do I need to modify $LD_LIBRARY_PATH as well to point to ~/.guix-profile/lib ?
<davexunit>I have an SDL example program that I can't quite get to compile using the right libsdl
<civodul>davexunit: normally no, you don't need to modify $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<civodul>just set $PATH and whatever "guix package --search-paths" says
<civodul>good night/day!
<davexunit>I should note that I'm using the pre-inst-env
<davexunit>see ya civodul
<davexunit>thanks for the help
<civodul>you're welcome
<davexunit>dave@izanagi ~/C/sdl> gcc -lSDL -I ~/.guix-profile/include/ -L ~/.guix-profile/lib test.c -o test
<davexunit>/usr/bin/ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory
<davexunit>/usr/bin/ld: cannot find crti.o: No such file or directory
<davexunit>collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
<davexunit>crt1.o is in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/crt1.o but obviously I want to be using the guix paths. something is very wrong with my guix setup.
<Steap>davexunit: does 'which ld' return the path of ld in ~/.guix-profile/ ?
<davexunit>Steap: yeah
<Steap>hum, then /usr/bin/ld must be hard-coded somewhere
<davexunit>yeah I'm not sure what is going on with my setup.
<Steap>Does gcc call every subprogram in /usr/bin ?
<viric>with -B you can override the hardcoded path for sbprograms
<a_e26160>jmd: Concerning the license of xf86-video-dummy you wondered about yesterday:
<a_e26160>There is a file COPYING that contains:
<a_e26160>Copyright 2002, SuSE Linux AG, Author: Egbert Eich
***a_e26160 is now known as ae237859
<ae237859>This does not look free to me.
***ae237859 is now known as a_e
<jmd>a_e: Well, it doesn't say.
<a_e>The default if it does not state a free license is to assume that it is proprietary.
<jmd>Well yes, that is safest.
<jmd>Did you email the copyright holders / file a bug report to ask what the license was?
<a_e>No. I got the impression does not care so much about freeness - there are tons of non-free fonts in the distribution.
<a_e>And I do not think the dummy file is really important. If it is needed, we can worry about it.
<jmd>I suspect the lack of license is simply that someone forgot it.
<jmd>Somehow, in Debian they have put a free licence on it...
<jmd>I wonder if that means they got permission, or simply copied it blindly?
<a_e>I see, they used the X11 license. No idea where they got this from. Normally, they are very thorough.
<jmd>I suspect they said "Comes from; therefore X11 license."
<jmd>The reason I asked about it, was that I was trying to package gtksourceview
<jmd>two tests fail, apparently due to lack of an X server.
<jmd>But if the copyright is held by SuSE Linux AG, then that's who we would need to ask, not
<a_e>Could you try to add xorg-server as an input? It contains xvfb.
<jmd>Huh? I thought xvfb was built from xf86-video-dummy
<a_e>No, it is inside /nix/store/...xorg-server-/bin/
<jmd>Oh ok.
<jmd>Then I totally misunderstood it.
<jmd>Hey. So far as I can tell "SuSE Linux AG" does not exist.
<jmd>There is a "SuSE Linux GmbH".
<a_e>Maybe it was an AG at some point in time? See:
<jmd>It seems that the pkg-config misbehaves when there is a very long PGK_CONFIG_PATH variable :(
*jxself says GNU/Linux
*jmd takes a rest from debuggin pkg-config
<civodul>jmd: running into problems?
<jmd>Well, it seems that pkg-config misbehaves when there is a a very long PKG_CONFIG_PATH
<jmd>... which unfortunately is likely to happen in guix ...
<civodul>what's happening exactly?
<jmd>It seems that although it works correctly with a line like pkg-config --modversion foo
<jmd>it erroneously returns non-zero when invoked as pkg-config --exists foo
<jmd>which is what happens in autoconf scripts.
<jmd>Thus, ./configure was complaining that a package was not installed, when in fact, it was.
<mark_weaver>jmd: can you give us a precise value of PKG_CONFIG_PATH for which 'pkg-config --exists <foo>' fails? (and tell us <foo> also) ?
<jmd>I can pastebin the config.log if you want.
<civodul>yes please
<civodul>it's happening in a chroot build environment, right?
<jmd>PKG_CONFIG_PATH is 2301 chars long. I suspect it may be overflowing a buffer or something.
<jmd>Yes. when I do guix build
<jmd>The erroneous result is on line 860
<jmd>Anyway, Bedtime.
<civodul>i don't see anything wrong, except that libgoffice is clearly missing
<mark_weaver>yeah, I have no idea why he thought line 860 had to do with pkg-config.
<mark_weaver>he never even told us what <foo> was. grump
<civodul>mark_weaver: any idea about the mit-krb5 test failure?
*civodul is hopeful ;-)
*mark_weaver looks
<civodul>apparently one of the tests spins forever
<mark_weaver>where is the hydra log? (I have no idea how to find things on hydra)
<civodul>it's under "raw" at
<civodul>the important thing is "timed out after 3600 seconds of silence"
<mark_weaver>The Loongson 3A got stuck in the same place.
<civodul>in a way that's good news ;-)
<mark_weaver>I notice that there's a newer version of mit-krb5 than the one we have. maybe we should try upgrading before investigating further, in the hope that they might have fixed it.
<civodul>yes, good idea
<civodul>do you want to try, or should i?
<mark_weaver>I'll try.