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<gzg`>SLiM patch submitted, I think. :^)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<gzg`>civodul: o/
<gzg`>Attempted to patch with Slim, mailing list does not seem to allow me. :^I
<civodul>gzg`: it does, but the first time it takes a bit of time to get through
<civodul>let me see
<civodul>no pending messages
<civodul>you're talking about guix-devel?
<civodul>well both are empty
<gzg`>civodul: Sent it again...
<civodul>it does show up at
<civodul>i can't process it right now, but i'll do it ASAP
<gzg`>civodul: Cool. Anything else big needs to be done, software wise (excluding things like the EDSL) -- like packaging, before the next demo-image to be ready?
*gzg` still wants to get kbd and wpa_supplicant done.
<civodul>kbd, wpa_supplicant, udev, etc.
<civodul>whatever you feel is missing, basically
<gzg`>civodul: You know, it'd be cool if the first demo-image shipped ratpoison and the next shipped a like module in guile-wm ... :^)
<gzg`>Well "first real/practical".*
<gzg`>civodul: But yeah, I gotcha.
<civodul>we could try to put X + slim + ratpoison, say
<civodul>for this time i mean
<gzg`>civodul: Throw in Emacs, maybe Conkeror and that would cover mine an I suspect many wanting to check out such an "early" environment, pretty well.
<gzg`>civodul: I'm not sure if there's a certain size restraint you want to hit though.
<civodul>yeah the QEMU image should have a reasonable size
<gzg`>civodul: Well, what's "reasonable" -- around 500mb?
<gzg`>Like this isn't aiming to be an official "minimal" image, is it yet?
<civodul>yeah, i'd say around 500 M
<civodul>it's really just a demo image at this point
<gzg`>civodul: I gotcha, just excited... :^)
<gzg`>I'm probably switching over, asap on both my boxes.
<zacts>yeah, how large should I make my qemu/vbox image for testing guix?
<gzg`>zacts: How can you resize said image? Doesn't it not ship with tools to expand the partitions, nor the space to grab them?
<zacts>I don't know
<zacts>I was thinking about creating an image from scratch
<gzg`>zacts: How trivial is that? I've never took into it,
<zacts>I don't know
<zacts>I guess I'll find out when I try
<jxself>Why not specify the max possible?
<jxself>My understanding is that the empty image will be small, using up only as much space as is actually used.
<zacts>jxself: I generally like to specify the actual size due to speed
<zacts>the 'grow as needed' tends to be slower for me
<zacts>lo guix hackers