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<civodul>youlysses: what's up with the freeglut patch?
<civodul>it was 90% done IIRC, right?
<viric>I didn't know RMS spoke french. congratulations to him!
<Steap>Did you get my latest mail on "Python --install-data" ? I sent it with a mail client I don't know very well, and haven't gotten the message myself
<civodul>Steap: yes, i did
<civodul>viric: he's also fluent in Castellano
<Steap>might be a stupid question, but how do you run "find" in ~/.guix-profile ?
<Steap>It does not seem to follow symlinks
<jxself>I think -L will make it follow symlinks?
<Steap>thx :)
<Geza>Hi all!
<jxself>Ahoy there.
<Geza>I just have tried to setup the new system demo
<jxself>I sense a "but" coming.
<Geza>And there is a problem with networking, so the guix pull command failes
<jxself>I think you need to use dmd to start networking.
<Geza>Does anyone had this issue with qemu?
<Geza>oh great, and how should I do that?
<jxself>I think it's deco start networking?
<jxself>Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
<Geza>that worked
<jxself> has the manual if it helps.
<Geza>many thanks!
<civodul>Steap: alternately, guile -c '(use-modules (guix build utils)) (for-each display (find-files ".guix-profile" ".*"))' :-)
<civodul>Geza: so the command is "deco start networking", as 'root'
<civodul>jxself had it right
*civodul goes over the backlog...
*youlysse` still really needs to finish kbd.scm for the distro... he can't wait till the end of this week, for one of his classes to be over -- so he can have some freetime to actually do some things! (Like findout why that patch was moving gl.scm to the top-level guix directory, because from what I've seen of it, it shouldn't have. :^/)
<youlysse`>I guess technically the end of next-week.
<civodul>youlysse`: i just checked and the patch does put it in gnu/packages
<civodul>so now i wonder why Andreas thought it didn't
<civodul>lemme check again
<youlysse`>Any luck?
<youlysse`>Also I tested building on Fedora 20 and Guix fails -- is there any information I should provide, besides which test, to guix-bug?
<civodul>youlysse`: yep, i built /nix/store/z3wrp6335a0zjlpa1l8nqms85gp49nbd-freeglut-2.8.1
*civodul feels ashamed for such bad review...
<civodul>and /nix/store/9nx51baj2ipcky4pxawjnimwpr3syj5r-ftgl-2.1.3-rc5
<youlysse`>civodul: No probs; I bugged you a lot that day -- a minor inconvenience on my end, with all that I provided you, is not a concern to me. :^)
<youlysse`>civodul: Any idea how/if Guix will be able to support logind...?
<youlysse`>Right now, it looks as-if it'll be unrunable via DmD ... Consolekit support is needed and is currently unmaintained.
<youlysse`>It looks like freebsd and openbsd are trying to get/keep GNOME on their systems, as an option -- so it might be worth looking into if it'd be possible to consolidate efforts into one means of product.
<civodul>youlysse`: i don't really know what logind is, and how tied to systemd it is
<youlysse`>civodul: It is what's now necessary, or will very-well soon be -- to run GNOME and it's dependent on Systemd. From what I can tell/heard, we'd have to start to maintain/modernize consolekit, in-order to get GNOME working now on older styled init-systems and It's been like 2 years since any big updates to consolekit, so it'd require some work... :^/
<mark_weaver>I haven't looked at the details, but another approach might be to add the necessary functionality to dmd so that logind works with it..
<civodul>yes, if it's a matter of using cgroups so that child processes get killed, that's doable
<mark_weaver>systemd seems poised to become dominant in the GNU/Linux world, so it might be important to develop interfaces that are more or less compatible with it.
<civodul>to some extent
<civodul>we won't go as far as providing its C client libraries or DBus interfaces, i think
<civodul>(besides, the more people say it's poised to become dominant, the more it's poised to become dominant ;-))
<mark_weaver>heh, I suppose that's true, but we need to be able to discuss these things :)
<handheldCar>what we really need are some stump dependencies :P
<civodul>mark_weaver: yes, of course
<civodul>but again, we have little margin
<handheldCar>will package maintainers have to follow upstream releases and update packages?
<mark_weaver>hopefully there won't be too many other packages that require the systemd interfaces, and so we could just patch those individual packages where needed.
<civodul>mark_weaver: yes, but we can't really do without GNOME (?), or we'd be doomed to be a geek's thing (??)
<civodul>i feel slightly schizophrenic as i write this, since i don't use GNOME
<mark_weaver>right. it's just a question of what's the easiest way to make GNOME work with dmd.
<civodul>and since i'm somewhat convinced that this is not the right way to emancipate computer users
<civodul>handheldCar: ideally yes :-)
<civodul>handheldCar: are you afraid of being pinged every month if you submit a package? ;-)
<mark_weaver>at present, I see GNOME as a sort of "half way house" for newly liberated computer users.
<mark_weaver>for example, GNOME 3 is what finally motivated one of my best friends to switch to GNU/Linux from MacOS X, after being an Apple worshipper for his entire adult life.
<mark_weaver>but maybe in a year or two he'll be ready to take another step to a different DE.
<handheldCar>civodul, not sure why I was wondering
<civodul>mark_weaver: did you see ?
<civodul>we need something like that in GNU/GNOME/GNUstep
<civodul>actually GNOME might already have something close to that with JS...
<mark_weaver>I'm having trouble getting it to work properly with the ancient version of GNU IceCat I currently have on my home-built Loongson box, but it sounds like a great idea!
<mark_weaver>(maybe NoScript is getting in the way also)
<mark_weaver>(I'm currently running IceCat 3.6.16, because the last I tried, newer versions needed some patches to work with MIPS N32 ABI)
<mark_weaver>(patches that weren't yet written)
<civodul>ouch :-)
<civodul>the idea is you can point it at a web page and do some kind of visual hacking
<youlysse`>xspecs would've been catchier, though via the the xorg context -- more confusing if implemented here... :^U
<handheldCar>not playing nice with librejs either
<mark_weaver>I'm actually fairly close to abandoning my home-grown system and switching to Parabola as a springboard toward working on Guix for this box, using the bootstrap binaries cross-compiled from Intel. I can always work on the alternative bootstrap method another time.
<mark_weaver>In truth, if there's a Thompson virus in GCC, it has probably already propagated to this homegrown setup anyway. I bootstrapped this system from gNewSense, which came from Debian MIPS, which was probably cross-compiled from Intel.
<civodul>packages in these distros are all built by hand by the package maintainer
<civodul>so it doesn't have to be as sophisticated as a Thompson virus...
<mark_weaver>alternatively, I could bootstrap Guix directly from my homegrown system, but I'm getting an SSL error when trying to run ./bootstrap in guix/ :-(
<mark_weaver>yet another thing to debug before I can even get started on Guix hacking...
<civodul>is that when ./bootstrap fetches the Git submodule or something?
<mark_weaver>yes, exactly
<mark_weaver>and I run into the same problem when trying to git clone from github.
<mark_weaver>it says:
<mark_weaver>error: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:
<mark_weaver>error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed while accessing
<mark_weaver>fatal: HTTP request failed
<mark_weaver>while trying to clone
<mark_weaver>same error when cloning anything from github.
<mark_weaver>maybe it's as simple as updating my CA certificate store.